Webcomic Round-Up: The Underfold, Unearthed Comics, Tiny Snek, Nameless PC

Our US correspondent and webcomic guru Rebecca Hail take a look at four more great Web Comics that she recommends as a quick way to get a laugh in your day. From Tumblr to Twitter, you’ll be sure to find one to brighten your day and make you chuckle so we pick four of our favourites that you have got to know about.

The Underfold

If puns, Dungeons and Dragons, IT jokes, and some really spot on dad jokes are your style, look no further than The Underfold to fulfill your comic needs. Brian Russell has created a type of semi-autobiographical comic that will keep your chuckling as you browse through his collection. With bright colors, and lines that will make you sigh and then laugh, The Underfold is true genius to behold. Since there is no main story line to follow, you never have to worry about getting left behind in the comic, which is a great thing if you are looking for a quick escape from the drolls of normal life.

Not just a man of comics, Russell also runs two twitch streams. One focusing on his art, and you can interact and see the creation of a comic before your eyes. The other is a live D&D campaign featuring some of the wittiest people around called the AwfulGoodCrew. Not into twitch, but love podcasts? Lucky for you the campaign is available in podcast form as well. An all around great guy, who is as funny in actual life as he is in comics, you shouldn’t miss out on The Underfold.

Find his comics here: Patreon Twitter Twitch

Unearthed Comics

I honestly cannot sing enough praises for Sara Zimmerman’s comics. Beautifully crafted, her comics shed light on one of the biggest topics of our day without being preachy, condemning, or better than thou. The base of her comics focus on conservation, and being kind to the earth we live on. Combining conservation and comics is not easily done, yet she does so seamlessly. With Marilyn Earth at the forefront of the comic, the personification of the earth, moon and sun gives the comics a feel of relatability. Being able to connect readers with the thoughts of a flower, shrub, or rock through the power of puns is a skill that is undeniably effective. One of my personal favourites is a comic of two sharks, and a tattoo professing love for taste, rather than love in spite of misdeeds.

However, if you are not so much into eco-comics, she has another strip, Illusions of Adulting, that follows the plight of Hailey as she navigates life, marriage, and adulthood. This comic is dramatic, dark, and occasionally a little too real. But over all an overarching theme of being true to yourself, positivity, striving to be better, and chocolate. These comics, specially the early ones, always seemed to have hit me right when I needed to hear them most. A great comic if you need a dose of realism in your life.

With both comics sporting a muted color pallet that is soothing to the eyes, and words that are clever and thoughtful, these comics will not only please you, but get you thinking about the bigger picture as well.

Find her comics here: Facebook Twitter Website Patreon Instagram Shop Tumblr

Tiny Snek

Tiny Snek has one of those cult followings that comes when something is both great and terrible at the same time. This comic is focused on a tiny snake as he discovers life, friends, and meaning. Many of the comics do feature his very cute friends as they share their messages of friendship and love. With a unique way of speaking, and an seemingly optimistic outlook, Snek is fun to read and quote. Additionally, there are many very cute and sharable panels for almost every occasion.

Adorable is the most accurate word I can use to describe the artistic style. Simple lines and colors make the comic pop, and stand out amongst the crowd. The puns are easy to follow, and provide some relevant and thought provoking social commentary on occasion. A comic that is easy to jump into at any point, it is a feel good comic that will leave you a little lighter hearted.

Find him at: Facebook Instagram Patreon

Nameless PC

With a distinctive style, Nameless PC is a wonderful addition to the genre of adult nerds figuring out life in the real world. Featuring a square nosed Wesley, we watch as he goes through life armed with puns, inadequateness, and awkwardness. The amazing amount of knowledge of all things nerdy in this comic is awe inspiring. Who doesn’t like to laugh a little at their D&D obsession, or being sniped out of a video game?

A pleasing color scheme gives the jokes the first priority, but that doesn’t mean the artwork is lacking. The distinctive style with the main character usually dressed in white and shades of gray, gives him a certain sense of relatability not found in other comics.  All around a great snapshot of life comic to dive into if you are looking for something clever, nerdy, and a little different.

Find the artist here: Website Patreon Twitter Facebook