“It is not for what we can do now, but what the possibilities of the future will allow us to do for storytelling and engagement” Uproar Comics’ Danny McLaughlin tells us “why I love digital comics”

The latest in our series of guest columns on ‘why I love digital comics’, comes from Uproar Comics Creative Director and head writer Danny McLaughlin (with a little help from fellow writer and marketing maestro Heather Taylor).

Danny McLaughlin (Uproar Comics)Before the massive theatrical cinema experiences we bear witness to today, before the invention of the camera and before the invention of the printing press,  we believed the preceding technologies and mediums were at the height of excellence.

Why do I love Digital Comics? Because we are riding the crest of the wave. We are on the front line of what could be a similar transition from the horse to the car. Comics, like a lot of things, originated in print and so the constraints of print followed it. Digital comics also have some limitations, like the new print smell (I will never forget that sensory stimulant) especially when trying to engage a community who have become traditionalistic and conservationist due to their love of the medium. That is in no way a flaw because in some sense I don’t want print comics to die. I do however,  feel like Digital comics is the young prince awaiting the king to pass on the throne to a more innovative leader.

In a global economy, where everything moves so quickly and everything you want is at your finger tips, I say we utilise what we can within the digital medium. Like the invention of the car, they built the motorways resulting in the need for more cars to be built. Not only more cars but cars with better faster engines, more aerodynamically sound shapes and better breaking systems. No one drives a Model T Ford car anymore, hence why I say “ The King is Dead”, a new time for comics is upon us. “Long Live the King”.

“The reason  I love digital comics is not for what we can do now, but what the possibilities of the future will allow us to do for storytelling and engagement”

Within digital comics, there is a lot more room to breathe. A lot more opportunity for adventurous storytelling and inclusion of other mediums, but hopefully without losing what was originally beautiful about the medium of comics. We can include “soft” 2D animations to “hard” 3D animations. We can include a whole realm of extra storytelling, with side stories without the need of more pages. Actually the reason why I love comics of the digital variety is not because of what we can do now, but what the possibilities of the future will allow us to do for storytelling and engagement.

Imagine your geek buddy hasn’t read the newest comic out this week. With a digital comic, a simple notification can tell you that your buddy has just read the comic and that’s when you can explore outside of the mediums experience. It’s when you can communicate your thoughts, ideas, your geeky rants about the issue not just to your buddy but on a global scale.

These limitless possibilities pretty much sum up why I love Digital Comics!

“Long Live The King”

Danny McLaughlin is the founder of Uproar Comics, creators of Zombies Hi! and the Digital Experience Comic app for iPad (which you can download here). To find out more about Uproar Comics visit them on Facebook and Twitter. To keep up to date with their D.E.C. project click here or watch this awesome preview of what’s to come from The D.E.C..

Cohen Theatrical Treater from Uproar Comics on Vimeo.