Valiant Comics PlusFans of Valiant Entertainment will now be able to purchase their favourite titles like X-O Manowar, Harbinger and Bloodshot from iVerse Media’s Comics Plus app and affiliated platforms. Effective immediately, iVerse will offer Valiant’s monthly comics titles day-and-date via the ComicsPlus app, and will soon host Valiant’s complete catalog of comics and collections.

The return of Valiant Comics gets a digital makeover with the release of Unity #1 motion book courtesy of Madefire.  But does This Avengers-type team, made up of their own big characters in a team book (and named after their big event of the 90’s) continue the success Valiant continues to garner or is this one title that should be considered non-canon?

Exciting news coming out of Special Edition NYC today, as Madefire and Valiant Entertainment have announced a new partnership to release  titles through Madefire‘s Motion Books digital comics app and their deviantART portal. The partnership begins today with the release of Valiant‘s Unity #1 motion book and we have an awesome Madefire enhanced preview for you to check out!

This week’s must-read digital comics include the final chapter in the first story arc of Valiant’s epic  Unity crossover, a spiritual and existential science fiction omnibus in Doug Rushkoff’s Testament and a reimagining of a Victorian curiosity in Merrick The Sensational Elephantman.

One of the great things about digital comics is that they aren’t constrained to a particular page size – unlike their printed predecessors. As a result a whole host of superbly innovative and exciting digital comics have been made even more inventive thanks to the use of landscape orientated pages. Here are 10 of our favourite landscape oriented digital comics…

Valiant’s first Guided View Native digital comic, Unity 8-bit Adventure, sees their new super hero team ‘Unity’ go old school in an 8-bit video game inspired adventure. But does this old school approach take away from the 21st century sophistication of Guided View?

Just when we couldn’t get more excited about Valiant’s awesome new Unity series they go and release their first ever Guided View Native comic exclusively on ComiXology – and what’s even better, is that it’s done in their awesome 8-Bit Style! Valiant’s Guided View Native 8-bit Unity #1 digital comic is available on ComiXology this Wednesday.