Kill Spree comicTim West is known to many as the man behind Comicsy the online digital comic store. But now he has gone from publisher to writer with a new cutting edge web comic Kill Spree. Set to push the boundaries of what makes a digital/web comic Tim has taken the best elements of his favourite web comics and added great new features like animation and the ability to drill down through the page back to the pencils and  script to create a truly unique and exciting way to tell stories. He’s also added in some violence and swearing just to make it a bit more lively! We catch up with Tim to find out more about the exciting and innovative world of Kill Spree.

comicsy-facebookAlthough the world of digital comics may seem to dominated by major distributors like ComiXology and iVerse, an increasing number of independent companies are now setting up their own portals online for fans to buy more low-key digital titles directly from them. This kind of entrepreneurial spirit is what the world of digital comics so exciting and one website taking advantage of this new world order is Comicsy created by web developer Tim West. However unlike the other distributors, Comicsy has a unique selling point – one which is very close to our heart – all the titles on there are created by British and Irish creators. As a fellow Brit looking to make a name for himself in the world of digital comics we knew we had to get in touch and find out more, so welcome to the world of Comicsy