We discovered the wonderful world of Jenny Clements’ webcomic Mias and Elle back at True Believers in February, and we were instantly drawn in by it’s bickering lead characters – the goody two shoes Elle and the despicably rogue-ish Mias who kidnaps her and takes her on an incredible journey. To find out more we caught up with writer/artist Jenny Clements to explore this magical world and the relationship between her two argumentative leads!


You’ve got to love a multiverse! Afterlife Inc and 7String creators Jon Lock and Nich Angell certainly do, as they have followed up their Heavenly Chord crossover with a a new monthly magazine called BPM which features a whole host of new character as well as some old favourites. Produced by the fearsomely titled Big Punch Studios, they are ably assisted by letterer Lucy Brown and writer Alice White so we caught up with them to find out what BPM is all about.

BioWars_Cover_01There is a war waging inside our bodies – or at least that’s what the creators of web comic Biowars would have us believe! Inside the body of NYC student Alex Hawking the BioWarriors are battling a genetically engineered virus that is set to destroy their world and Alex’s too. To find out more about the wild and crazy world of the Biowars we contacted artist Lucius Cross to find out more about the Biowars and to give us a health check.

So Buttons 7Ever considered transferring your life’s most poignant (and mundane) moments to a comic book page? Well that’s exactly what New Yorker Jonathan Baylis did with the superb So Buttons comics anthology. From his childhood to meeting his wife, to his internship at Marvel and more, this fantastic slice-of-life collection was inspired by the likes of Harvey Pekar and Robert Crumb and features a soul-bearing look into the life and mind of a normal guy – we find out more.

War of the Woods 1Every now and again a comic book comes along that is so completely new and original that reminds you of that initial thrill you had as a kid discovering the classics for the first time. One book that did that for us recently was Matthew Petz’s outstanding War of the Woods. It’s such an original idea that you just cannot fathom why no-one has thought of it before! Told from the point of view of a young otter called Phin, it starts out as a wholesome animal-based adventure but soon morphs into something truly out of this world as aliens invade Phin’s New Jersery habitat, and he and his father Nathaniel and a turtle called Issac set out to save the world. Keen to find out more about this incredible book we contacted writer artist Matthew Petz to discover the inspiration for Phin and friends and find out just where the idea for that iconic cover image came from.

Molly DangerMolly Danger from Jamal ‘Supergirl’ Igle and Action Lab Comics is one of our favourite new titles in ComiXology’s Guided View section. Mixing the action-packed world of superheroes and giant robots with a coming of age story of a girl who is trying to deal with fame, celebrity and being a 10 year old superhero who has been saving the city of Coopersville for over 20 years! It’s a really refreshing and original read in a saturated market which does a great job of maximising the world of Guided View. It’s also a digital exclusive, funded by Kickstarter, which makes it right up our street, so we contacted creator Jamal Igle to discover more about Molly-world! 

Hurry 02 promoNestled in the new ComiXology Guided View section between Batman and Wolverine you might have noticed a new title called Hurry – Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight. Rubbing shoulders with the big boys of digital comics, Hurry is the self published adventures of a space rabbit in the L Dimension that is written and drawn by writers, artists and podcasters, Don Garvey and Mike Connelly. If that title hasn’t been enough to tempt you into checking it out, we’ve got the full down from Don and Mike on how they got into self publishing and how a little rabbitoid knight found himself a home alongside some of comics biggest characters.  

Bobby TimonyWe’ve raved about the awesome, Detectobot from Bobby and Peter Timony on here before, but this week sees Bobby go solo with the awesome Goblin Hood and his Merry Monsters available now via ComiXology. We recommended you check it out in this week’s Sunday Digest, so you’ll no doubt know what a fantastic read it is, but we were keen to find out more, so got in touch with Bobby to ask him whether this was just an excuse to come up with some great puns around the Robin Hood myth and what the worst twin related questions he’s ever been asked is!