EIR coverWhen you read a comic, more often than not it leads to an escape from the humdrum life of the reader. Well with his new comic, EIR, writer Ryan K Lindsay attempts to turn reality into fiction (or is it fiction into reality?) with a story of a young girl taken on an out of this world adventure by a talking helmet. Is this a comic which will shoot for the stars or is it a little too fantasy to catch on?

ryan_newThis week sees the debut of one of our favourite new MonkeyBrain titles in some time – Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramos’ D4VE – which we recently described as like “the Terminator meets The Office”. If that’s not a tantalising enough hook to get you to check it out then we got in touch with writer Ryan to find out more about how he came up with the idea of a robot hero stuck in a dead-end office job (not to mention asking him about slobbering aliens and robot strippers!). So if that’s not enough of a hook to keep on reading, I don’t know what is?!