Classic British Comics are going through something of a resurgence this year, with new volumes of Misty, Scream and Roy Of The Rovers, courtesy of 2000 AD publisher Rebellion. Joining these ranks are The Vigilant, a superhero team made up of classic character from the 1970s and brought to you by Transformers legend Simon Furman and Freeway Fighter artist Simon Coleby. We caught up with Simon Furman to find out more about assembling this new super team!

Brass Sun #1 coverAt the centre of the world of Brass Sun is the Orrery  a vast clockwork solar system where planets whirl on vast metal arms and the sun of cogs is worshipped as a god. This new mini series from 2000 AD writer Ian Edginton and artist INJ Culbard is released on May 28th by 2000 AD/Rebellion Publishing and sees heroine Wren look to save her home world, and in turn the entire universe, from heretical cog worshipping bishops and along the way set out on a mission to restart the sun! No small scale story-telling here! To find out more about this mix of fairy tale, steam punk, clock punk and good old fashioned science fantasy we contacted writer Ian Edginton to ask what it would be like living in a clockwork world.