Mumbai-Confidential-1-Cover2Last week saw the brilliant Mumbai Confidential from Archaia Entertainment released as a complete collection on both ComiXology and as a hardback graphic novel. This brilliantly gritty, tense crime noir set on the monsoon lashed streets of Mumbai is a fantastic take on the traditional crime noir. With it’s story of the unorthodox and often immoral Encounter Cops – police charged with taking down India’s mobs and turning to crime themselves – Mumbai Confidential oozes corruption, violence and duplicity and makes for a fantastic read. To find out more we contacted creators Saurav Mohaptra and Vivek Shinde to get low down on the world of Mumbai Confidential.

Gregg Taylor Mask of the Red PandaThis weeks sees the arrival of the second issue of the fantastic Mask of the Red Panda from the folks at MonkeyBrain Comics. With it’s brilliant mix of 1930s adventure serial mixed with a brilliant supernatural/ magical under current we raved about the first issue and so couldn’t wait for this latest installment of the adventures of August Fenwick and his sidekick Kit Baxter (aka the Flying Squirrel!). To get the inside scoop on the world of the Panda we contacted  writer Gregg Taylor to find out just what the secret is to writing the perfect pulp adventure series.

The Masks and Mobsters team of Josh Williamson and Mike Henderson have taken their world of 1940s pulp noir and infused it with a generous dose of ‘the best Christmas story ever told‘ – Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – for this brilliant festive offering. As two hitmen try to hunt down a certain, Ebeneezer Scrooge, they are warned off their hit by some malevolent spirits who have other plans for Mr Scrooge.