Overrun #1Technology is everywhere these days, but what if you were to tell a story from within that technology? Well, that is exactly the premise for Andi Ewington and Matt Woodley’s hi-tech adventure series Overrun, which centres around a group of ragtag ‘files’ out to save their CPU from a deadly virus. So is this tech-heavy tale a vital update to the world of comics, or does it need to be sent to the recycle bin.

issue-1-packshotIn the world of Overrun, people are computer files with names like .Doc and .JPEG. But when a deadly virus turns the files into infected zombies there is only one rag tag group of heroes who can save the day, led by amnesiac Cooper and struggling reality star The Sarge Overrun is packed full of more tech in-jokes than a dozen reddit sub threads. We catch up with writers Andi Ewington and Matt Woodley on what file type they would be?