ComiXology Comics iconComiXology are the undisputed kings of digital comics with millions of titles available from the world’s biggest publishers every week, as well as the very best independent titles released via their digital publishing arm ComiXology Submit. But what if you are looking for titles which aren’t available on the Amazon-owned giant or are after a platform where you can download your purchases in a format of your choice to read on another device? Well help is at hand as we rundown 10 great ComiXology alternatives for fans of digital comics!

This autumn motion comics specialists Narr8 are pulling out all the stops and launching a new season with all new horizons! Having already conquered iPad and iPhone, Android 4.0+, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Windows 8 now a Narr8 Facebook version is set to take motion comics to a whole new level!

Details are still under wraps for now, but join their Facebook community to keep up with Narr8‘s future announcements.

Sit back, open Narr8 on your favorite device, choose a story and download episodes right now! Narr8 is available to download for your iPad here

Motion comics publishers Narr8 announces today the introduction of the Narr8 app in the Windows Store for Windows 8 devices. Already a firm favourite on the iPad with great digital comic titles like Subject 9 and Prime Blood, this will continue to expand their fan base by releasing its motion comics, interactive novels and nonfiction series to Windows users.

Motion comics publishers Narr8 have today announced a new multimedia editing tool called Story Builder that lets you build your own interactive digital comics. Simply create your comic using their online editor and upload it to their online catalogue for the world to download.