As enigmatic bounty hunter the White Bolt delivers her captor to the sheriff of a town called Trouble, things are set to take a turn for the for dynamic in Chris Sheridan’s bumper sized edition of Motorcycle Samurai #3: Peripeteia. Will they ever be the same again after this one?!

motorcyclesamurai coverWhen we spoke to him back in July, Motorcycle Samurai creator Chris Sheridan described the prologue of his new book as a western with Elvis and Bruce Lee as the hero and anti-hero. Well, this week at the New York Comic Convention, the first full issue of this intriguing mash-up is released by Top Shelf Comix and is also a prominent part of ComiXology’s new Guided View Native roll out. Keen to find out more about what was in store for this first full issue, we caught up with Chris and he’s given us an exclusive look inside this awesome title.

Chris Sheridan portraitIf you liked what you saw in our fantastic preview of Motorcycle Samurai from Top Shelf ComiX, or checked it out after it was featured in last week’s Sunday Digest then you’l know it is an awesome mix of the wild west and 70s samurai movies with a generous does of digital comics dynamism thrown in for good measure. The man behind this eclectic mix of styles is  writer/artist Chris Sheridan, and we were keen to find out more about this awesome new Guided View title so we got in touch to get the lowdown on the world of the ‘White Bolt’, ‘Happy’ and the ‘Hornets’.