War of the Woods 1Every now and again a comic book comes along that is so completely new and original that reminds you of that initial thrill you had as a kid discovering the classics for the first time. One book that did that for us recently was Matthew Petz’s outstanding War of the Woods. It’s such an original idea that you just cannot fathom why no-one has thought of it before! Told from the point of view of a young otter called Phin, it starts out as a wholesome animal-based adventure but soon morphs into something truly out of this world as aliens invade Phin’s New Jersery habitat, and he and his father Nathaniel and a turtle called Issac set out to save the world. Keen to find out more about this incredible book we contacted writer artist Matthew Petz to discover the inspiration for Phin and friends and find out just where the idea for that iconic cover image came from.

This weekend’s must-read digital comics in the Sunday Digest include David Kendall and Mike Carey’s ultra-creepy Houses of the Holy from Madefire, Matthew Petz’s delightfully quirky War of the WoodsВ (featuring an otter with a turtle on it’s head) and Jon Lock and Nich Angell’s The Heavenly Chord which was unveiled at this weekend’s Melksham Comic Con.