Archie #1In one of the most anticipated reboots of recent years, Thrillbent’s Mark Waid and Saga’s Fiona Staples have come together to reimagine one one of comic’s most beloved characters in Archie #1. But can this dream team pull out all the stops to delight both old and new fans and make this 75 year old character relevant to a new audience?

The Fox #1 coverArchie Comics are throwing their hat back into the superhero ring with a relaunch of their Red Circle line  now known as Dark Circle Comics. Their first salvo is The Fox, a Batman-esque character from writer/artist Dean Haspiel and digital comics godfather Mark Waid. But will this be a gamble which pays off, or will this be a book in need of culling?

Thrillbent logoNot content with just producing some of the world’s best cutting edge digital comics, today Mark Waid and John Rogers’ Thrillbent have announced that award-winning writer/artist Terry Moore, will be bringing his long-running masterpiece Strangers In Paradise to the site beginning Friday, July 3.

Princess_Leia_1_CoverYou would expect the galaxy’s #1 Evil Empire defeating royal to be in safe hands as comics veterans Mark Waid and Terry Dodson take the reins of the third Star Wars-based comic from the Marvel/Disney-era in Princess Leia #1. But does this 6 issue limited series do Leia Organa justice, or is it just providing simple scraps to keep the female market pleased?

Digital Comics CoalitionMark Waid is no stranger to the world of digital comics, thanks to his digital imprint Thrillbent and his work on Marvel’s Infinite comics he has become a de facto godfather of digital comics. Well he has taken that role one step further with the announcement of a new digital comics super team – The Digital Comics Coalition – and their debut webcast that is set to reveal some of the inner secrets of the world of digital comics!

Daredevil 2014 #10Since taking the reins of the series, Mark Waid has infused Daredevil with a sense of swashbuckling adventure and optimism, turning the book into one of the most critically acclaimed on shelves, a far cry from the dark, somber, noir-esques storylines the title was previously known for. But the past can’t stay buried forever and Daredevil (2014) #10 sees the darkness return to this happy-go-lucky book, but can the Man Without Fear survive going back to it’s darker roots?

Daredevil Infinite2014 is set to be a fantastic year for digital comics, with more great titles from the comics world’s top publishers. But the title we’re currently looking forward to the most in 2014 is Mark Waid and Peter Krause’s trip to the west coast with the Man Without Fear in Daredevil Road Warrior a new weekly Infinite title from Marvel Comics coming this February. The team behind Thrillbent’s Insufferable are no strangers to the world of digital comics, and are now being give the highest profile Infinite Comic to date. A new series that is not only set to push the boundaries of the digital comics medium, but also slots neatly into the existing Daredevil continuity – a first for the Infinite titles. Keen to find out more we caught up with Mark and Peter to find out the inside scoop on this super-sensory series and were given an exclusive first look at some of Peter’s uncolored artwork! 

Valentine cover 2When it comes to the evolution of digital comics, Alex de Campi’s Valentine may not be a name that is instantly associated with the rise of ComiXology and Guided View, but it is every bit as important and influential as any Infinite title. Along with artist Christine Larsen, de Campi paved the way for what we currently regard as Guided View digital comics, influencing an entire generation of digital comics creators along the way, including Thrillbent supremo Mark Waid! However due to publishing problems and being ahead of the digital curve, Valentine has never found a settled home to be appreciated by the world, until now that is. Valentine is set to return to our screens via Waid’s Thrillbent website, and finally see the story of two soldiers lost in the wilderness of Russia reach it’s epic conclusion. So to find out more about this pioneering series, we contacted de Campi to discuss ‘looping snow’, ‘shit-hot digital comics’ and her status as a Guided View trailblazer.

The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood cover

If it’s one thing we keep getting reminded, it’s that digital comics are about much more than superheroes and spandex. The latest  example of this is the excellent The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood from Mark Waid’s Thrillbent. Written by Christina Blanch & Chris Carr and  based on their experiences of teaching in US prisons, Charlie Wormwood is the tale of a teacher struggling to deal with being his son’s terminal illness and the money issues that comes with that when he is offered a not-so-legal way to solve his problems.  Although it gets inevitable comparisons with a certain US HBO drama which has just finished,  Charlie Wormwood is a much less sensational story, with a smartly written, subtly intelligent script that is backed up with stunning artwork from Malaysian-born artist Chee who gives the story a classic, timeless feel with his monochrome watercolour wash artwork. Keen to find out more about the origins of this intriguing tale we contacted Christy and Chris to find out how two prison teachers got to release a comic with the ‘Godfather of Digital Comics’ – were they given an offer they couldn’t refuse?!