When they’re not bringing us some of the most ground-breaking digital comics around like Batman: Arkham Origins, or converting some of the comics world’s biggest names like Batman, Superman and Hellboy into motion books, Liam Sharp and the Madefire team find time to create some of the most innovative digital comics around. Hot on the heels of these fantastic licensed titles Sharp return to his own creation, the Digital Comic of the Year 2012, and Madefire OriginalCaptain Stone Is Missing #7, for a fantastic new episode coming soon in 2014 and we were lucky enough to be given a first look with some comments from Liam himself!

Madefire, creators of the Pipedream Comics Digital Comic of the Year 2012 and the  5-star rated Madefire App for iOS, have announced they have closed $5.2 million in Series A funding, meaning the future of their unique brand of motion books like Captain Stone is Missing, Mono and Treatment is looking very bright.

The Engine #5 cover (Madefire)What do you get if you cross a giant Soviet robot from the 1930s with a bunch of dissidents in a Siberian salt mine and add in a liberal dose of motion book magic? Quite simply, you get The Engine! Launched alongside such big name motion books as Captain Stone and Treatment in the first wave of Madefire titles last year, The Engine has become one of the forgotten titles among the motion book publishers back cataloguewhich is ironic for a book about a gigantic metal mangling machine! Hoping to rescue this robotic Russian relic from the rust heap, we contacted writer Guy Adams and artist Jimmy Broxton to learn more and find out just what a motion book should smell like!

“Elementary, my dear readers.” It’s time we solved the mystery of Liam Sharp and Bill Sienkiewicz’s motion comics take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective. But how does the Victorian sleuth fare in the 21st century world of digital comics?

After the dramatic revelations about Captain Stone’s disappearance in issue 4 we delve deeper into the world of his vampiric half sister Charlie Chance, the former model, PETA activist and apprentice cat burglar, in the latest instalments of Liam Sharp’s Captain Stone is Missing from Madefire.

According to writer Ben Abernathy, Madefire‘s new series The Heroes Club is packed full of insider jokes and subtle references to the Madefire world, but what (or rather who) on earth could this bully be referring to when confronting Captain Stone?


Download the whole of The Heroes Club #1 now via the Madefire app