At the opposite end of the digital comics spectrum to the Madefire’s motion comics bombast are the delightful monochrome musings of MonkeyBrain’s Kinksi and Masks and Mobsters, both of which have new issues out this new via ComiXology. Although completely different in form and content, it serves as a fantastic reminder of the broad nature of what makes a digital comic.

Kinski_01_coverFrom pulp superheroes and gangsters to psychic estate agents and pigeons, MonkeyBrain Comic‘s roster is nothing if not eclectic. The latest title to join this family of misfits is Kinski from Star Wars Legacy artist Gabriel Hardman. This brilliant lo-fi story of a man and a missing dog is in the same subtle real-world veign as the brilliant The Stars Below and Thoughts From A Winter Morning, and will be available exclusively via ComiXology this Wednesday. To find out more about this monochrome mutt we got in touch with writer/artist Gabriel Hardman to find out more about the secret to writing a great canine adventure and the best way to name a pet.