With Peter Parker back in the spider-suit it is time for him to have his first Infinite adventure, and it all starts off with him losing his memory. Can the webbed wonder make sense of this new digital world in Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? #1-4 the new Infinite digital comic from Marvel Comics.

ASMWAMI2014001_DC11It’s a great month to be a fan of the Amazing Spider-man. He’s tearing up the cinemas with Electro and in the world of comics Peter is back in the spider-suit and at his wise-cracking best. Then in the world of digital comics we are getting not one, but TWO Spider-man Infinite titles with Ultimate Spider-man and Amazing Spider-man: Who Am I?. Last week we spoke to layout artists Geoffo and Mast about the visuals, and this week we catch up with writer Joshua Hale Fialkov about his approach to writing one of the most anticipated Infinite comics yet.

A clear sign that digital is slowly but surely taking over the world of comics is when digital first comics announce they are going into print – and not the other way round. The latest title to join that ever growing list of digital-first to print-second titles is Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurari’s bleak sci-fi tale The Bunker which has now found a home with the fine folks at Oni Press and will be available as a collected edition this February.

Joshua Hale FialkovThe Bunker is a dark and twisted, self-published time travel tale from writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist and Joe Infurnari. With it’s split narrative across multiple timelines and Infurnari’s brooding black and white graphics issue #1 rightly made itself a home in last month’s Sunday Digest, but with issue 2 about to hit ComiXology this week, what are the real secrets behind the bunker and it’s cryptic messages from the future. We contacted writer Joshua Hale Fialkov to find out more about the Bunker and how he would react to a cryptic message from his future self?