Marvel Infinite comicsMarvel Comic’s ground-breaking Marvel Infinite digital comics series have produced some of our favourite digital comics of the last couple of years, but if you are new to the format then you might not know where to start so here is our breakdown of 10 of the Best Marvel Infinite Comics.

Ultimate Spider-man InfiniteLong time comics fans will be used to the familiar credits on a opening splash page that list everyone who made the issue from writer and penciller to inker, colorist, letterer and more. But in the world of Infinite Comics there is a new job title on those credit pages – layout artist – and two of the best in the business right now are Mast and Geoffo, who alongside digital comics pioneer Yves ‘Balak’ Bigerel make up Turbomedia. With their work already appearing in Iron Man: Fatal Frontier and about to debut in the new Amazing Spider-man: Who Am I? and Ultimate Spider-man Infinite comics we got in touch with Mast and Geoffo to find out the secrets to being a Marvel Infinite layout artist.