Sheriff Shane is the chief lawman of Carpenter Cove a sleepy American town that just happens to reside inside the brain of a serial killer in MonkeyBrain Comics‘ new series Headspace. As we find out more, and things begin to take a turn for the weird he is left to consider his very existence as well as that of his town, but will be be able to sail off into the sunset as a hero or will he be another victim of the diabolical Max?

Headspace 01 coverEver wanted to look inside the mind of a serial killer? Wait… come back… it’s not another gore filled murder book! In the case of Headspace from MonkeyBrain Comics, the world inside the head of a serial killer is a surreal piece of small town Americana, that’s more Truman Show than Dexter. With all the tropes you would expect (right down to the word weary sheriff and bartender), but with a generous dose of surreality inspired by TV shows like the Prisoner, it’s another genre-defying read from the crew at MonkeyBrain. Keen to find out more about this strange new world, we contacted creator and writer Ryan K Lindsay to find out just where his head was at when writing Headspace.