ComixologySubmitIt’s been another amazing year for digital indie comics and so picking the best of ComiXology Submit 2015 has not been an easy task, but here we present our top 10 which features cybernetic sleuths, nightmarish pyramids, Victorian action heroes and an otter with a turtle on his head.

Exit Generation #1It’s not often you read a ‘post-apocalyptic’ tale where everyone is actually better off after a population eliminating exodus, but that’s the unique twist in Sam Read’s brilliant sci-fi mini series Exit Generation. (Plus there’s also some evil aliens just to make sure everyone isn’t completely happy with their lot). We caught up with Sam to find how he would get on in his own accidental utopian world or if he’d wish that he’d headed for the stars with everyone else!

Exit Generation #1Overpopulation has often been a subject of interest and debate within society, therefore it makes sense for the topic to influence for new ideas in fiction. Exit Generation by Sam Read and Caio Oliveira is a story is about what happens when all but a few humans leave the planet and how those remaining few survive when a new crisis arises. Is this a title which will appeal to the masses or will it end up as a comic left behind in popularity?