For the third track of his epic musical fantasy series 7String, creator Nich Angell has changed key mid-track and gone off in a new digital direction. Now available online as well as via webcomic portal Tapastic, we tune up the band and aim to strike a chord with the continuing adventures of sword wielding maestro Zach Briarpatch and co.

Demon ArchivesFrom The Walking Dead and Lazarus, to The Kill Screen, the world of indie comics are full of dystopian futures. However, while a grim future is not a new idea, the reason behind it is rarely war. To this end, we are granted something different with The Demon Archives, an action adventure comic charting a world after war. But is this a title which is worth fighting for or it a losing battle?

wart_book1Chris Welsh and Ammar Al Chalabi’s webcomic Wart – A Cosmic Horror Comic, is based on the works of HP Lovecraft – in other words it features dark and dank supernatural terrors and plenty of tentacled beasties – however unlike most books who cite the Master of Cthulu as an influence, Welsh and Chalabi have taken a cartoonish approach to the work dog Wart which actually gives the whole series a really refreshing edge. 


Our latest round-up of the Best of ComiXology Submit features classic superhero action with a dash of body swap in The Blue Baron from SIT Comics, murderous mechs in Grimfish, hyperactive space adventures with a boy and his teddy in Lloyd and The Bear  and the reissue of 80s indie classic Kyle Bakers’ Why I Hate Saturn.

Queen 1It’s a momentous time-period for UK politics right now, with the rise of the SNP and a new Conservative government in Downing Street, but that’s not nearly exciting enough for a tense political thriller. How about if you throw in a bit of murder and intrigue for good measure?! That’s the basic premise behind Jamie Me’s Queen a new Kickstarter-funded digital comic. So we put down the smoking gun and unleash our ‘inner Paxman’ to find out more!

Motion book publisher Madefire have a history of producing dark, gothic horror stories with the original titles like Houses of the Holy or licensed editions like Dark Horse’s Hellboy. They’ve added to this ghoulish repertoire a new one-shot based on a Bram Stoker short story called Dracula’s Guest, but how does this fit into the portfolio of a company who also publish My Little Pony?

This November the 3rd annual Thought Bubble Convention will happen in Leeds in the UK. To celebrate this year’s events the organisers have teamed up with Image Comics to produce The Thought Bubble Anthology digital comic, a collection of exclusive comics from some of the conventions attendees as well as some of the best of the UK comics scene. It’s available digitally via ComiXology now for £2.49 or $3.99 with all proceeds going to UK Children’s charity Banardo’s.

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #1 coverNot content with releasing 5 awesome title this week (including 2 brand new ones!) MonkeyBrain Comics have today announced their partnership with writer Jamie S. Rich and artist George Kambadais to release the all-new superhero adventure title The Double Life of Miranda Turner. The first issue of this ongoing series is set to debut on October 30 via ComiXology for the bargain price of £0.69/$0.99. Keen to tell us all about it, the powers-that-be at MonkeyBrain Comics got in touch with us and gave us this fantastic interview along with an awesome sneak preview!

The Phoenix Comic Free Sampler coverThis week sees the launch of the first digital edition of the weekly UK comic The Phoenix launched via Apple Newsstand with an app powered by the team at Panel Nine, this is a bold new step for the company, but one that helps The Phoenix find its natural home in the 21st century – on the iPads of the nation’s kids. If like me you’re a child of the 80s then reading The Phoenix gives you a delightful trip down memory lane as it feels very much like a natural successor to classic British kids comics like the Beano and the Dandy. This is in no part thanks to it’s anarchic sense of humour, and unpatronising tone, combined with a 21st century update and so it creates a brilliant blend of quirky comic strips with potentially strong characters that help keep it looking current and relevant and should keep kids and parents alike amused.