JD Oliva’s New Orleans based flood drama, Deluge, has been a long time favourite of ours, and so we were excited to discover JD was bringing a completely new tale to Kickstarter, Red Sunrise, featuring vampires in feudal Japan. We catch up with JD and find out why his take on the world of the undead manages to reinvent the formula in ways we’ve never seen before, and why you should support it on Kickstarter here.

Comic ExperienceComics Experience started out as a teaching tool for aspiring pros, but they’ve branched out into the world of digital publishing with series like Tet, Gutter Magic and Deluge all debuting on ComiXology. Partnered with IDW Publishing they offer amazing new ways for creators to learn their skills and get work published. To find out more about we contacted founder Andy Schmidt to discover what the Comics Experience experience involves!

Deluge coverWe’ve followed the whirlwind journey of JD Oliva’s post-Hurricane Katrina action adventure series Deluge since it’s early days. With a number of publishers and releases since then, it’s been an eventful journey that is set to make one more crack at the big time, thanks to a re-release via Comics Experience and ComiXology Submit. We caught up with JD to find out more…

ComixologySubmitThis weekend we’re beginning a new feature looking at essential indie comics in our Best of ComiXology Submit. We begin by looking at Jason Coffee’s Warhawks #1, Deluge #1-3 from J.D. Oliva, Barkane #1 from Terry McCarthy and The Package by Blake Elliott.

Deluge coverBack in May 2012 we caught up with film-maker and comic writer J.D. Oliva to discuss his new Deluge comic, a New Orleans set, post-Katrina crime series that was about to be released by digital only publisher Moonshot Digital. Nearly two years later, and Deluge has finally seen the light of day, appearing on ComiXology via Submit. Keen to find out what J.D. had been up to and the journey he had taken to finally get Deluge published on the world’s biggest digital storefront, we got in touch.

Back in March we spoke to George Lentino, publisher of Moonshot Digital Comics, who was setting out his plan to revolutionise the world of digital comics with “innovative, experimental and down-right fun to read comics”. Well the first title,  from that stable, Deluge, is about to be released with the team of film-maker turned writer J.D. Oliva and artist Richard Clark at the helm. After hearing about all the great things that George had planned for his new line of digital comics, I got in touch with J.D. to ask him about his inspiration for Deluge and just what exactly the Moonshot Digital experience entailed.