Digital-Comic-of-the-YearThere were so many amazing digital comics on sale in 2014, from major publishers to up and coming indies and we really struggled to condense our favourites list down to just the Top 10 Digital Comics of 2014. So here are the honourable mentions, the ones who, despite their awesome-ness, didn’t quite make the shortlist for Digital Comic Of The Year – but are still just as deserving of a mention!

Deadpool The Gauntlet 2 coverWhen it comes to the world of Infinite comics there are certain characters who fit the slightly quirky world of Guided View better than other. Just as there are certain artists who seem to embrace and thrive in this new digital environment. Perhaps the perfect combination of character and artist that we have seen this year has been Wade ‘Deadpool’ Wilson and Power Play artist Reilly Brown in Marvel’s Deadpool: The Gauntlet. To find out more about this perfect match we contacted Reilly to find out more about his time with The Merc With The Mouth.