saga12review-1The subject of digital comic censorship has reared it’s head today as the latest issue of Brian K Vaughan’s Saga has been ‘banned from sale’ on ComiXology’s Comics app for iPad and subsequently reinstated as a result of a critical backlash across the Twittersphere. One of the most critically lauded books of recent years, it has never been one to shy away from adult themes, with previous issues featuring explicit sexual scenes, stories involving child prostitution as well as graphic violence. The ban was initially seen as being instigated by Apple rather than ComiXology, as part of their acceptable use policy for products for sale on the iTunes Store which prohibits those featuring sexual imagery. But as the day has gone it has been revealed that it was actually ComiXology who initiated the censorial blow.

ComiXology_Submit_TMCM_iPadThis week saw ComiXology launch the new ComiXology Submit service for indie comics creators with help from an awesome how to guide from indie stalwart Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler.  Submit offers independent creators the chance to upload their comic book and graphic novels for approval at no cost. ComiXology then transforms the work intro their Guided View reading format, market it via their apps on iPad, Amazon Kindle, Android and Windows 8  and creators and ComiXology equally split all profits, with creators maintaining full ownership of their work. As well as launching this great service they also unveiled works from Indie creators that are new to ComiXology thanks to Submit, such as Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man,  Jake Parker’s The Antler Boy and Other Stories, Becky Cloonan’s  Wolves & The Mire, Richard Stevens Diesel Sweeties would be available at

When it comes to the best digital comics app on the iPad, there really is only one top dog – ComiXology’s Comics. The iTunes of comics apps, ComiXology are the pioneers of digital comics on the iPhone and iPad and the powerhouse behind Marvel, DC and Images own apps. As I explored the world of comics on the iPad, it got me wondering just how the titles are published and how would I go about getting my work published if I were an indie comics publisher. And who better to ask than the folk at ComiXology themselves. So if you’ve ever wondered what the secret is, here’s the answers, courtesy of ComiXology’s David Steinberger their founder and CEO !