ComiXology Comics iconComiXology are the undisputed kings of digital comics with millions of titles available from the world’s biggest publishers every week, as well as the very best independent titles released via their digital publishing arm ComiXology Submit. But what if you are looking for titles which aren’t available on the Amazon-owned giant or are after a platform where you can download your purchases in a format of your choice to read on another device? Well help is at hand as we rundown 10 great ComiXology alternatives for fans of digital comics!


Valiant Entertainments’s new supernatural series The Death-Defying Dr Mirage #1 looks set to take the publisher of X-O Manowar and Harbinger in a bold and exciting new direction. But is Dr Mirage a miraculous new arrival on the scene or just another troublesome ghostly manifestation?!

Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1 continues Valiant’s series of spin-offs for their epic summer crossover by bringing the Generation Zero kids from the main Harbinger series into the spotlight, and throws them right in the center of Mexico City to help with relief efforts after the destruction of the city at the hands of the Armor Hunters.

Valiant Comics PlusFans of Valiant Entertainment will now be able to purchase their favourite titles like X-O Manowar, Harbinger and Bloodshot from iVerse Media’s Comics Plus app and affiliated platforms. Effective immediately, iVerse will offer Valiant’s monthly comics titles day-and-date via the ComicsPlus app, and will soon host Valiant’s complete catalog of comics and collections.

saga12review-1The subject of digital comic censorship has reared it’s head today as the latest issue of Brian K Vaughan’s Saga has been ‘banned from sale’ on ComiXology’s Comics app for iPad and subsequently reinstated as a result of a critical backlash across the Twittersphere. One of the most critically lauded books of recent years, it has never been one to shy away from adult themes, with previous issues featuring explicit sexual scenes, stories involving child prostitution as well as graphic violence. The ban was initially seen as being instigated by Apple rather than ComiXology, as part of their acceptable use policy for products for sale on the iTunes Store which prohibits those featuring sexual imagery. But as the day has gone it has been revealed that it was actually ComiXology who initiated the censorial blow.