icoty2016Our rundown of Indie Comic of the Year 2016 continues with numbers 21 to 30 and features some awesome anthologies, simian secret agents, Victorian detectives and ultra-violent webcomics.

You can read our picks for #31-40 here and #41-50 here.

BPM5While the big publishers have the resources and clout to make their comics on a regular monthly fare, small press is not quite as fortunate as their limitations force them to take a more ‘as and when’ sales plan. However, Indie powerhouses Big Punch Studios continue to fly in the face of the big guns with the fifth installment of it’s quarterly comic magazine BPM. Will this quality quartet (and their friends) continue to land the knockout or will their second year start with them hitting themselves in failure?


You’ve got to love a multiverse! Afterlife Inc and 7String creators Jon Lock and Nich Angell certainly do, as they have followed up their Heavenly Chord crossover with a a new monthly magazine called BPM which features a whole host of new character as well as some old favourites. Produced by the fearsomely titled Big Punch Studios, they are ably assisted by letterer Lucy Brown and writer Alice White so we caught up with them to find out what BPM is all about.