BioWars_Cover_01In the world of comics the most successful stories are often ones which go big and epic in terms of scale – from alien invasions to nuclear wars – however, bigger is not always better as Gabe Shaoolian and Mark Powers look set to prove in Biowars #1 as they go microscopic to tell an epic tale about a battle waged within the human body. So is this just the kind of book the doctor ordered, or will it leave readers struggling to digest?

BioWars_Cover_01There is a war waging inside our bodies – or at least that’s what the creators of web comic Biowars would have us believe! Inside the body of NYC student Alex Hawking the BioWarriors are battling a genetically engineered virus that is set to destroy their world and Alex’s too. To find out more about the wild and crazy world of the Biowars we contacted artist Lucius Cross to find out more about the Biowars and to give us a health check.