It’s been another strong year for digital comics in 2015 as we have seen new publishers and platforms debut, as well as continued strong offerings from the Big Two, as well as an amazing selection of self-published stories released online and via platforms like ComiXology Submit. So sit back and enjoy our list of the 10 most exciting and innovative digital comics from the past 12 months.

Batman 66 #67If there’s a bit too much darkness in the world of the Dark Knight for you these days then you need to go old school with the campy antics of Batman ’66. But it’s not all krazy Kapow’s and zany Zzzaps as a villain from the present day makes his ’60s debut and gives the caped crusader another back-breaking beatdown.

As part of our in-depth look behind the scenes of Batman ’66 from DC Comics artist Jonathan Case has given us an exclusive look at his process for putting together the pages – from layout pencils to the finished page.

Batman-66-1_comiXology“KAPOW!” This week saw the release of Batman ’66 DC’s first comic to feature it’s new DC2 Interactivity. A brilliant mash up of the 1960s TV show camp and humour with the added bonus of cutting edge digial technology. Keen to find out more about this wierd and wonderful combo we contacted writer Jeff Parker and artist Jonathan Case to get the lowdown on DC’s first foray into the world of interactive comics and the best way to make an ultra-modern comic feel like a 1960s TV show – right down to the OTT sound effects! “BOOSH!”