DCOTY2015 logoWho has won this year’s prestigious Digital Comic of the year 2015 award, joining the likes of Madefire’s Captain Stone Is Missing and Mono: Pacific and David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly in our illustrious hall of fame? Well after weeks of excitement and anticipation we are pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s award is…

Adventures in Pulp

DCOTY2015 winner

A hearty congratulations to Brett Harris and Matthew Childers from webcomic Adventures in Pulp.

Pipedream Comics’ Editor Alex Thomas had this to say… “Although all 10 nominations in our best of 2015 list deserved to be there, Adventures in Pulp is a real underdog win, beating heavy hitters from industry big names like Alan Moore, past winners like David Lloyd, as well as major publishers like Marvel and DC. It’s a fantastic result and a just reward for the Do It Yourself attitude that we love to celebrate and reward on the site. We can’t wait to read more tales from this exciting site!”

We also caught up with an elated Brett Harris, writer of Adventures of Pulp “First and foremost, I would like to thank all the fans who threw their lot in with us. I know it was a difficult choice considering some of the tremendous talent (both established and up-and-coming), amazing story variety and popular characters (Batman and the X-Men) that were also in the running. I know it’s a cliché to say it but, just making the list, much less winning, is a huge honor.”

We then went on to ask, what we can expect from them in the coming weeks and months…  “It will definitely put the pressure on us to keep the bar high In the coming year as we veer from our weekly cliffhanger short stories to continue our “Flash Gordon” homage with our long form epic, “Jigsaw World.” We are only 26 pages into the 88 page story and I certainly hope you and the fans continue to enjoy reading our particular brand of pulp adventure storytelling as much as we enjoy producing it. Over the course of the remaining story, we will see Dan, Cass and Stein face off with zombie/alien plant creatures, fight the Dino-Men in an arena, battle a giant spider, meet a race of bird-people from a city in the sky, and introduce a race of insect-like cyborg creatures. In other words: loads of pulpy sci-fi fun.”

The Final Results

1. Adventures In Pulp presents (38%)
2. Aces Weekly (20%)
3. The Kill Screen (19%)
4. Big Nemo (5%)
5. Smart Bomb!! (4%)
8. War of the Woods (4%)
6. Universe (3%)
7. Modern Polaxis (3%)
9. Batman ’66 (3%)
10. X-Men Infinite ’92 (2%)

You can read our full list of the 10 best digital comics of 2015 here and the award will be back in January 2016 for our next Digital Comic of the Year poll.

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Adventure in PulpWebcomic Adventures in Pulp, takes classic pulp stories of the 40s and 50s featuring private eyes and alien invasions and gives them a slick 21st century presentation (but without ever losing their vintage charm!). Published online and now available via ComiXology we caught up with writer Brett Harris, co-creator of this 5 star rated series, to find out what inspired him to get pulpy!