DCAPPOTY2015-logoIn 2014 Madefire were crowned the best Digital Comics App of the year for their mix of innovative motion comics and growing platform of new titles from major publishers. But how will they fair this year, in the face of opposition from new publishing platforms, digital innovators and a few old rivals who are getting stronger and stronger!

Looking for a bit of Judge Dredd action or Mega City One mayhem on your iPad and iPhone this weekend? Well 2000AD/Rebellion have released some of the very greatest Dredd collections of all time onto their Newsstand App which include twenty stand-alone Judge Dredd graphic novels for iPad and iPhone, some of which have been unavailable outside of the UK until now.

2000AD fans rejoice as the genetically modified G.I., Rogue Trooper is debuting in a whole new series courtesy of IDW Publishing! Furthering the relationship started with the successful Judge Dredd series, IDW and Rebellion/2000AD will return to the frontlines of Nu-Earth with whole new IDW Publishing Rogue Trooper series featuring an outstanding creative team!

If you’ve ever dreamt of drawing for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic now’s your chance! 2000AD have teamed up once again with this November’s Thought Bubble sequential arts festival in Leeds to offer wannabe art droids the chance to compete for a paying gig and draw for 2000AD!

Ordinary page 3As comics fans we’re all too familiar with the idea of a hero who is gifted with super powers and forced to deal with the extra-ordinary, but what if the tables were turned and everyone else had powers but you? That’s the premise of the brilliant new creator-owned series, ‘Ordinary’ from Rob Williams and Matt ‘D’Israeli’ Brooker. Released in last week’s Judge Dredd megazine #340 via the 2000AD iPad app, we got a fantastic sneak peak of some the pages, but we still wanted to find out more and so got in touch with Rob and D’Israeli to find out more about their take on super powers and the pros and cons of creator owned comics.  

Pat Mills portraitNot only are 2000AD releasing some of their best new material at the momentvia their iPad edition, they are also resurrecting their incredible back catalogue for a whole new generation to enjoy digitally for the first time. One  title getting the re-release treatment is the surreal and twisted Nemesis the Warlock from Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill. This tale of an alien sorcerer/freedom fighter/warlock and his ongoing battle with the devillish Torquemada and the evil terminators is a fantastic example of the exciting and original comics that came out of the UK and the pages of 2000AD in the 1980s and a brilliant reminder of what the men behind Marshall Law made their names with. To find out more about this unique character and tell us all about this superb collection of his stories, we contacted Pat, hoping he wasn’t trapped in a travel tube somewhere or at the hands of Torquemada and the Terminators!

Melksham03What do you get if you combine Captain Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader and one of Despicable Me’s Minions with a sleepy Wiltshire market town and a sunny Saturday afternoon – why its the Melksham Comic Convention of course! We were there along with over 600 other eager geeks from all across the UK, so here’s our report on what went down.

This weekend’s must-read digital comics in the Sunday Digest include an existential edition of Monkeybrain’s Edison Rex, all new The Engine from Madefire and 2000ad‘s genre-defying Trifecta crossover.

It’s been a bumper week for must-read digital comics thank to the San Diego Comic Con, but here are some of our favourites for you to enjoy in the Sunday Digest, including Top Shelf’s Monster on the Hill, PJ Holden and Si Spurrier’s Numbercruncher and Erik Evensen’s The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay.

Hot on the trail of the Hijacker, Leto and Saule set off in pursuit of a suspect who’s been seen at all their crime scenes and as his escape plan takes them deeper into The Irons they uncover more of the mysteries hidden within Madefire‘s dystopian sci-fi world. But will it help them find their killer?