Review: Resurrection Men #2 (Nicholas Stephen Paul Comics)

Last February, we took a look at Nic Paul’s and Rory Donald’s first issue of Resurrection Men and found it to be quite the enjoyable read. Well, almost a year later, Messrs Paul and Donald have now returned with the second issue of their title as it continues to follow James Stone’s battle with the forces of Kraig. We thought the first issue was great but can this second instalment follow suit?

Publisher: Nicholas Stephen Paul Comics
Writer: N.S. Paul, Dan Hill (Editor)
Artist: R. Donald (Artist), N.S. Paul (Letterer)
Price: TBC

Picking up where issue 1 left off, Resurrection Men #2 continues James Stone’s story as, a few weeks into his new life, he struggles with the separation from his son, Jude, while being the unwitting tool of Kreig’s cryptic group. However, this new status quo which James and Jude find themselves trapped in takes an unlikely turn when their cult-like captors are attacked by another group who possess both a mole within their enemies ranks as well as certain talents which Kreig holds dear. Can James get himself and his son out from the middle of these warring factions?

Much like Resurrection Men’s first entry, issue 2 is a very enjoyable comic. However, unlike its predecessor, this issue felt all the more compelling as Nic Paul has created greater depth and more complexity for the world which James and Jude live within. This issue continues to raise more and more questions about the overall story, with highly interesting new beats and dynamics, such as who are the ‘Wellbeing’ and in particular their leader ‘Madison’.

Resurrection Men returns

Paul also builds on the questions left over from the prior issue, creating a greater air of mystery surrounding the series’ antagonists. Who is Kreig? Who are (or who were) the Leftovers? Where (or when) is Schrodinger from? The series continues to offer more questions and answers, making it addictive reading. Even it’s one flaw, a lack of coherent explanation as to what Kreig’s ultimate plan or goal is, does little to stem the enjoyment of this issue.

This is enjoyment is continued by Rory Donald’s ever awesome artwork, as he once again brings his A-game to the title. This second issue maintains the same Paul Grist/Hellboy horror vibe that the prior issue introduced, but maintains a great level of consistency with it. However, Donald really shows his skills here with some truly original monster-esque designs, particularly in the case of Kreig’s apparent dark side as well as the Leftovers. This style of art truly fits the story type and genre to a ‘T’, making this book far better than with another artist.

Resurrection Men #2 not only picks up from where the first issue left of, but did what all follow ups should do and exceeded it in terms of enjoyment. The creative team appear to have brought a jump in their skills on this issue and it shows, making it much more enjoyable, intriguing and likely that we’ll return for the next issue. If it continues in this manner, Resurrection Men won’t die anytime soon.