Review: Mono: Pacific #2 (Madefire)

Mono Pacific 2Everyone’s favourite human-ape hybrid secret agent unleashes his inner beast and uncovers a strange military installation hidden in deep jungle in Madefire’s Mono: Pacific #2.Mono Pacific 2Publisher: Madefire
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Sergio Sandoval
Colors: Diego Rodriguez
Covers: Sergio Sandoval & Diego Rodriguez
Price: Free from the Madefire app for iOS, Android and Windows.

Mono: Pacific #2 takes it’s pulp comic influences and runs them wild through its remote Pacific Jungle setting. In true pulp style Brian Wood and Sergio Sandoval resume the action from the end of episode one where our hero has been shot by a group of genetically-modified Japanese gorillas and now has to face his attackers head on!

Mono’s internal musings reveal that his animalistic side knows something isn’t right with his attackers. They understand and speak Japanese but have no real control over their thoughts and actions. Our hero decides that he must disarm them but not fatally wound them. What follows is an epic jungle battle. The action is literally brought to life with the combination of roaring classical music, punctuated by jungle noise and cracking gunfire.

Brian Wood has equipped Mono with a humorous side this time around and it comes to the fore when he attempts to reason with his foes. Mono embarks on a funny Terry Thomas style conversation in order to persuade the apes that he’s on their side. Needless to say his negotiating technique doesn’t work and he soon has to take evasive action, leaping from a cliff into a jungle river far, far below.

Once underwater Mono comes across a Japanese submarine and it’s here that his instincts go into overdrive. There is a cool sideways panel drift from Sandoval and a truly massive industrial installation is uncovered for the first time!

After the fireworks of part 1, Mono: Pacific #2 isn’t quite as full on although the Madefire team start the book with a bang but slow things down before the final big reveal. Ultimately it leaves the reader with a lot of unanswered questions but luckily there’s only two weeks to wait until episode 3 hits our screens.

pd_review4“While there is an unmistakeable nod towards the classic pulp serials of the past Mono: Pacific #2 is as modern a book as you can get. It’s beautiful to look at, sounds amazing and is undeniably witty. And above all it’s free – download it today!”