Lumberjanes #1-10 (Boom! Box)

Lumberjanes #1Writers Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson along with artist Brooke A. Allen bring together everything that the comic market is lacking into one excellent comic in the simply wonderful Lumberjanes. Supernatural shenanigans are afoot at the Lumberjanes summer camp and a group of five friends are brave enough to take on the challenge to find out just what that might be.
Lumberjanes #1Writers: Grace Ellis; Noelle Stevenson
Artist: Brooke A. Allen
Publisher: Boom! Box
Price: Older issues £1.49, newer issues £2.49 from Comixology

Lumberjanes is a much needed breath of fresh air in the comic market, especially comics specifically marketed towards younger girls. This comic is an excellent example of how to write for a younger audience without patronising them while keeping adults hooked. However, while Lumberjanes is suitable for all ages, this doesn’t mean that everyone is going to enjoy it. While there are moments of peril, character development and enough hi-jinks to shake a stick at, there is a distinct lack of blood, guts and gore. The artwork is a fun mix of bold colours and cartoon-y characters, so perfect for younger readers. No boobs or bums here!

The comic revolves around a group of five girls at summer camp where something isn’t quite right. Supernatural beasties making an appearance include yetis, raptors, vanishing foxes and sea monsters. The girls don’t have super powers, but instead get through each adventure using their brains and friendship. There is a gorgeous mix of diversity within their group and praise be to the creative team for a fabulous mix of characters.

But it’s not all fantastical adventure. There are also more mature themes. For example it is hinted there is a same-sex relationship between two of the characters. It’s represented in a sweet, non-sexual manner and is super tasteful in its depiction. If you’re fist pumping the air in celebration of diversity, you should go buy this comic now. The only down-side to Lumberjanes is that it’s a monthly comic, so you’ll have to go slow. However, at the time of writing, there are 10 issues out to get your teeth around!

A brilliant addition to the end of each comic is the soundtrack. You’re provided with a mix tape that sums up the adventure of the issue, which are great playlists for the morning commute to work. It’s an extra layer to the comic that really does make it special and stand out from other titles on the market. Not only do girls finally have a great comic to read, but also an introduction to some truly great tunes as well.

“Lumberjanes is beautiful, bold and has never had a duff issue to date. Well worth checking out if you’re looking for a comic for younger readers or something light-hearted and fun.”