Interceptor #1 (Heavy Metal)

InterceptorAs you would expect from a title published under the legendary Heavy Metal banner, Interceptor is packed full of punk-ish attitude, edge of the seat story-telling and punch-you-in-face visuals.

InterceptorPublisher: Heavy Metal
Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Dylan Burnett
Price: £2.49 from ComiXology

Our rating: [star rating=”4″]

With Earth becoming too full to sustain human life, the human race finally manage to put aside their differences and jump ship via some space gates to find new worlds to populate. But they leave behind an irradiated world which soon became populated by vampires. So when these vamps start encroaching on the new world order, the president sends cyborg super soldier Poli to take them out, only to find there are still some survivors left behind – including plucky freedom fighter Weep.

Despite sounding like the all-too familiar idea of a dystopian science-fiction world populated with some kind of post-apocalyptic bogeyman, Interceptor manages to become something much more than that thanks to a quick-witted script from writer Donny Cates that packs in plenty of exposition, alongside lots of character and tons of sarcastic humour and attitude from the very first page.

Artist Dylan Burnett gives every page an adrenaline-fuelled shot in the arm that reminded us of the best of Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl with an energy and attitude that means the panels leap out at you and helps the story speed along at hyper speed without every losing sight of the story.

With a very definite mature edge to the humour, it may not be for everyone, but if you fancy a story with mechs, vamps and smart-arse freedom fighters then this is the book for you.