Review: Deiciders #1 (Markosia Enterprises)

We take a look at Deiciders #1, a recent release from the ever reliable Markosia Comics which follows three seasoned Viking Warriors as they face off against a Wolf-like God. Can this title reach the Valhalla-level heights of greatness or is that a trick that not even the God of Mischief can help it with?

Publisher: Markosia Comics
Writer: Andrew Mateus (also script) and Pedro Mendes
Artist: Pedro Mendes (Pencils/Inks), Patrik Caetano (Colours), Ryan Bielak (Letters)
Price: £1.49/$1.99 at Comixology

Deiciders tells the story of three Viking Warriors, Ulfrith, Svin and Olf, who come together when offered the opportunity of payment in order to deal with a terrifying monster which has kidnapped a young woman, much to her Father’s despair. However, this is no ordinary beast that these Warriors Three will have to face as, upon arriving at it’s lair to discover the Wolf-God Fenrir is their opponent, who has corrupted his young hostage into taking the form of a crazed beast in his own image. Can these unstoppable Vikings defeat this demon and rescue their charge, or is Deicide something which is too much for them to achieve?

Pedro Mendes and Andre Mateus have produced a fun and captivating story within the pages of Deiciders. Mateus’ script works incredibly well as a self contained story, coming across as well paced and with the general story feeling tight in terms of its focus but never wanting to space to spread itself. The entire issue is reminiscent of Ryan K Lindsay’s Eternal both in terms of feel and the issue’s overall layout, although it maintains its own identity thanks to some well thought out action sequences. It does struggle in that it’s characters do not feel entirely well-defined, especially the three leads who even their names do not feel well revealed. However, this doesn’t detract from the issue’s overall enjoyment and ability to maintain the reader’s interest.

Meanwhile, Mendes’ art, combined with Caetano’s colours are equally gorgeous with Deiciders, as evidenced from that first page set in a warm and soft Constantinople which is just visually stunning. From there, this artistic team continue to offer some very atmospheric and visceral imagery throughout the rest of the issue, as the action scenes are extremely brutal, such as where a man loses his eye to a Wolf or even their ‘Valkryie’ being transformed into their enemy.

As with the script, Mendes offers up a fantastic series of page layouts to display the tale which really imbues an Eternal vibe, which is best shown in the panels of the Three crossing over the hill in a breathtaking three panel scene. However, their work is very much its own ‘beast’ (Pun Intended) as, beyond the first page, the art is incredibly rough with a very ‘Griff Gristle’ hardened look of their faces. This visual really helps sell that these characters exist in a more brutal environment compared to the relative comfort of that Opener, while also helping with the visceral nature.

Deciders is a fun and seriously engrossing comic which, with it’s action packed script and brutally gorgeous art, will have you worshipping it like the God it’s characters are out to kill. While the characters in it aren’t the most fleshed out in comicidom, this issue’s great pacing and intrigue will make you want to be like that boy in Constantinople; eager to make more coin so you can get the next story!