Armor-I #1 (Evoluzione Publishing)

ARMOR1 01 frontcoverWhen an alien ship crash-lands in front of him in the middle of a wood, high school jock Jason King has no idea of what is about to happen to him as an old man gives him a secret vial containing a top secret alien weapon. But will Armor-I a technicolour space adventure from Evolution Publishing be an invincible force against alien baddies or will we discover the chinks in their armour?

ARMOR1 01 frontcoverPublisher: Evoluzione Publishing
Writer: Marcel Dupree
Artist: Carlos Triago (Pencils), Gulliver,Vanei (Inks), Andrea Cellestini (Colors) E.T. Dolmen (Lettering)
Price: $2 via Gumroad

Our rating: [star rating=”3.5″]

We open the book and fly straight into meeting Kizan Je’diah who claims to be a “Waeponaire”, he and his allies are in great peril on the first page and the reveal of a villain is just a short number of panels later. This isn’t a negative thing, it could be risky but it works really well and seeing creators mix things up in a way like this is exciting. Kizan is feeling for his life through space towards the safety of Earth in possession of something called “Sinc”that we are told could change the universe, so of course the bad guys want it for themselves. One of the first things that you notice when opening this book is the sleek, gorgeous art work that almost looks like still images from a highly polished animated film.

From our action packed opening we fall into a familiar family setting back on Earth with everyday humans, a family include new kid at school Jason are on their way to school in the midst of an argument between the Father, Jason and his sister. A typical first day at school scenario plays out and we get to learn a little more about what the young Jason is made of, standing up to Jocks and trying to fit in. This sets up the link for the ship to crash land on Earth and our hero to become involved, all tied up nicely.

From here we go back to the Galaxy at war real quick and discover some more about the players and a shaky truce struck with the mysterious Galaquan who protects Earth and it’s local sector, this is a quick look and feels a little short but page restraints are a real thing so I can let it slide. After a run in with the high school jocks Jason finds himself stranded in the woods and this where it get’s really interesting. Jason finds Sinc bestowed upon him from the wreckage of Kizan’s ship, you’ll have to read the book yourself to see exactly what it is and discover what has been dispatched to Earth to retrieve it for the dark forces hell bent on conquering the galaxy.

Armor-I could be compared to Guardians of the Galaxy or Green Lantern and these are titles that aren’t thrown around lightly on this site so it’s an accolade for sure. The writing is rich and flows well and the pacing of the panels is spot on, as for the art we mentioned earlier it’s fantastic and easy on the eye. This first issue is very enjoyable and ends well on a set up for the next issue which we are very much interested in checking out. If you like action, sci-fi and well constructed books then this is a comic you need to check out.