7String #1-3 (Big Punch Studios)

7String #1Have you ever heard the quote ‘war divides, music connects’? Well, Nich Angell hasn’t if his epic series 7String, about a world at war whose weapons are musical instruments, is anything to go by. Now, nearly four years since its initial release, Big Punch Studios bring the first three ‘tracks’ to comixology. Will this title cause a bum note with readers online, or will it’s release be music to their ears?

7String #1Publisher: Big Punch Studios
Writer: Nich Angell
Artist: Nich Angell
Price: £1.49 per issue from comiXology

Our rating: [star rating=”4″]

7String tells the story of Zach Briarpatch, a young man who sets out on a mission of revenge after his mother is killed by a megalomaniac out to dominate the world of Melodia. Now, armed with the 7String, a unique seven stringed sword which converts music into a weapon, Zach sets off to discover how to make the sword sing and, ultimately, defeat his nemesis. However, he won’t be alone as other like-minded people, each with their own songs to sing, are placed on roads by a mysterious being which look set to converge with Zach, and maybe even save their world from evil.

This is a series which feels so epic and so fantastic that to call it the musical Star Wars would be an understatement. Nich Angell has constructed an incredibly intricate world, containing so much information and history that, even when the series ends, it might not be enough space to share it all with us. That said, what we are given is very compelling, from the differences in cultures and their use of instruments, to a description of the force-like melody, helping immerse the reader more. Also, every character, despite some having limited page space, feels really well-rounded with their presence always having meaning and none seeming throw away. That said, the story in these opening issues does feel a bit fractured as the various plots are established, but this manages to fade as the series progresses.

Of course, it is the art which makes this book really special. Nich Angell produces unbelievably detailed and immensely colorful panels to exhibit his incredible imagination. This is best exhibited in the introduction of the various cities of Melodia (Four-Four, Tril and Arpeggio), which are each side to side of wonderment. Of course, the colours in particular do more than that as the muted pastelly look makes the whole world seem dream like, enhancing the fantasy vibe. There is also Nich’s use of black (seen in a stunning two page spread to show silence) and white (during some notable mourning pages by his characters) which are equally great and show him as a quality artist. Coupled with some glorious panel layouts, especially during the fight sequences, the art imbues the series with a real sense of epicness that more than manages to match the scale of ideas that are trying to get across.

7String is a great story, set in an incredible world, created using some of the most gorgeous art in small press. While it may take a while to become engrossed in the tale, Nich Angell has created a series which deserves to be invested in as you will feel more than rewarded by the end and ready for more.