Preview: Slacker sci-fi shenanigans in Xeno Trip #1 from QAM Comics. We talk to writer Quinton Miles

After the action-packed dystopian sci-fi of their debut offering, Template, QAM Comics are taking things a little more light heartedly with their new series Xeno Trip. This slacker out-of-time sci-fi comedy starts with Sir Cody of Bennett waking in the bed of a beautiful green skinned alien princess with no idea how he got there – we’ve all been there, haven’t we?! With the first issue available on ComiXology this week we talk to writer Quinton Miles to get the inside story. 

Xeno Trip #1

Xeno Trip from QAM Comics features a number of references to 90s hip-hop classic ‘Baby Got Back’ – why we ask – “Because Sir Mix-A-Lot is awesome” Quinton Miles tells us “That’s all the reason anyone should need :)”

“The origins of this go back all the way to the magical year of 2012 when Disney’s John Carter film came out”. Quinton tells us when we ask about the inspiration for Xeno Trip. “At some point, I remember going, “Huh, wouldn’t it be funny if he just woke up there?” and that was that. I was also reading Roger Langridges’s awesome Snarked series around that time too, so I guess that was a subconscious influence and played a part in the way I wanted to go with its art direction. That kind of style definitely doesn’t grow on trees, so to say I was happy when Daniele Cosentino came on board is an understatement.”

So does this mean he prefers funny books to action we asked? “I don’t ever want to be labeled as only being able to do it one way, and the awesome (and potentially scary) thing about being your own publisher is that nobody’s around to tell you no.  I’m a fan of a lot of stuff in a lot of genres and, if I have my way, I wanna eventually take a crack at them all. Coming off Template, Xeno Trip is the first big step in conveying that to what I hope is a growing audience.”

Keen to make the most of their new audience QAM Comics are set to release the ten issue run of Xeno Trip as a free to read/download episode each week via, starting on December 4th.

From there, Xeno Trip #1 (aka the entire month of December) will also launch on Comixology the same day, so if readers like Week 1 and want to read ahead of the webcomic run, all they have to do is head there, grab it £0.69/$0.99 and get the whole thing in Guided View Native high-res.