Preview: The Last Sheriff #4 (Reckless Hero)

One of the books we were hoping to see at Nottingham this weekend, was Reckless Hero’s The Last Sheriff #4 – the follow up to one of our top 10 books of 2016. Unfortunately due to some problems with the printing they didn’t have them available to sell on the day, however they are now pre-ordering it on their site and gave us an exclusive sneak peak!

It looks set to be another tour-de-force from the Reckless team, with Chris Imber’s artwork leaping out of the page ably assisted by Chris Jenkins stunning looking colours! (There’s even a cheeky appearance by our favourite indie villain Mr Sixx!) And if you want to know what happens in this issue then here’s a quick synopsis from the chaps themselves…

“The Sheriff and his new friends embark on the first step of their rebellion, in a small place called Railtown. Along the way they meet Kyto, a drunk with a surprising secret. Will the mission falter at the first hurdle or can they convince the people of Railtown to fight back against the Coalition?”

We’ll have a full review up very soon, but if you want to check it out yourself then you can pre-order The Last Sheriff #4 from Reckless Hero’s online store for £2 for a digital version of just £3 for a print version here.