Preview: Samurai Slasher 3 (Mike Garley Comics)

It’s been a busy few month for writer Mike Garley. After the critically acclaimed Late Fees, came the latest volume of equally revered The Kill Screen with Everything Not Save Will Be Lost. And now, with Friday 13th just passed he’s started a new Kickstarter campaign for the final chapter in the epic, blood-soaked Samurai Slasher series. We get an exclusive sneak peak at some of the pages!

Once again Garley channels his love of 80s horror movies to create a genre mashing series of 7 stories packed full of head slicing action and bags of dark humour! After coming back from the dead and cutting his way through everyone from the US army to a sole survivors support group in the first two volumes, this time he fights hordes of the undead in hell, a legion of resurrected samurai warriors, and his koi-carp inspired nemesis!

Joining Garley on this volume are Gavin Mitchell, Michael Lee-Graham, Katie Fleming, Andy W. Clift, Jim Lavery, Andy Bloor, Rory Donald, Alisdair Wood, Dan Butcher, Dave Jones, and Jennie Gyllblad. With Nathan Ashworth on colours and Mike Stock on letters.

Below we get a fantastic first look at Jim Lavery’s tale about the Slasher in Hell.

Part three of the collection ties together all the various story threads from the previous two collections, as the Samurai Slasher is pitted against the evil Sharaai!

You can pledge your support for the Samurai Slasher 3 Kickstarter here, but hurry because it’s only running for 13 days!