Preview: Flintlock #1 (Time Bomb Comics)

FLINTLOCK#1 PREVIEW coverWith a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign behind him, Steve Tanner, Flintlock writer and Time Bomb Comics’ Godfatherly figure, has kindly offered us here at Pipedream Comics a first look at this debut issue. The comic itself intends to create a shared universe of characters set in the 18th century and will span the entire century as the stories progress and unfold.

With the first stretch goal achieved many moons ago now, we have been provided with the cover as well as a couple of pages of this additional strip, making this a comic that has expanded in size and therefore delivering more bang for the buck than your average Kickstarter perhaps.

“In our third story (which has been added as an achieved stretch goal!) you’ll meet The Clockwork Cavalier! London is rife with rumours that the Bow Street Runners have recruited a mysterious mechanical man to assist them in their battle to quell the rising tide of crime in the City! A strange contraption made from iron and bolts? It must be nonsense… mustn’t it?

A complete story written by Steve Tanner and drawn by Ed Machiavello that introduces The Clockwork Cavalier to the world of Flintlock!”

Flintlock #1 will be launched at the upcoming Birmingham Comics Festival on April 23rd or look out for Time Bomb Comics at UK conventions throughout the year.

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