And the winner of Pipedream Comics’ Digital Comic of the Year 2014 is…

It’s been an incredible year for digital comics in 2014 which made looking back at the last 12 months and picking our favourite quite the challenge. Having anounced our pick of the Top 10 Digital Comics of 2014 at the beginning of January, the Pipedream Comics readers have been voting in record numbers on the website, as well as via Twitter and Facebook to crown this year’s champion. And without further a due we can proudly announce the winnner of the Digital Comic of the Year 2014 is…

Digital Comic of the Year 2014 WinnerMono: Pacific from Madefire

It’s been an award-tastic beginning to 2015 for motion book publisher Madefire as they’ve ‘done the double’ and secured the prestigious Digital Comic of the Year 2014 for Mono: Pacific to go with their App of the Year 2014 award.

With over 5,000 votes cast Brian Wood and Sergio Sandoval’s exceptional take on Ben Wolstenholme’s human-ape hybrid super spy secured nearly half the votes in a [suprisingly] close fought contest with Madefire’s indie sensation Milk for the Ugly, beating last year’s winner Aces Weekly into 3rd place.

Pipedream Comics’ editor Alex Thomas had this to say: “With the lead changing on the very last day of voting it was an amazing contest that went right down to the wire and ended up as a thoroughly deserved win for Mono: Pacific – which now joins Madefire’s Captain Stone Is Missing and David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly in our winners circle. A huge thank you to everyone who got involved, and had their say, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s the full rundown of the final votes…

1.   Mono: Pacific (Madefire) 2,452
2.   Milk For The Ugly (Madefire) 1,872
3.   Aces Weekly (Aces Weekly) 379
4.   Neomad (Gestalt Comics) 139
5.   The Private Eye (Panel Syndicate) 38
6.   Daredevil: Road Warrior (Marvel Comics) 37
7.   Amazing Spider-man: Who Am I? 36
8.   Failing Sky (Dax Tran-Caffee) 33
9.   Valentine (Thrillbent) 23
10. Motorcycle Samurai (Top Shelf Comics) 21

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For a detailed look at all those nominated then be sure to check out our rundown of the Top 10 Digital Comics of 2014 as well as our guide to the Best of ComiXology Submit