For our third look at this past weekend’s True Believers Comic Festival, we are going to take a glimpse at what life was like behind the table, as editor Alex Thomas makes his convention debut with Pipedream Comics and an Indie Shocase special edition of The Pull List!

We always love an indie success story as it’s a fantastic reminder that plugging away at this self-publishing malarkey can actually lead somewhere. A great example of this is Planet Jimbot’s cult indie hit Savant, which is set to be serialised from March onwards in no less a title than Dark Horse Presents – which you have to reckon is a fantastic achievement from Jim Alexander, Will Pickering and co.

As well as picking up some great comics at this weekend’s True Believers we also got to hear about some fantastic crowd-funding projects that are underway. So rather than just pick one of them for our Kickstarter of the Week, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on a few of them as we take a look at Hotel by Nathan Hill, Cadavers: Poltergeist from Mad Robot Comics and Galaxafreaks: Time Songs.

One of the great things about comics is that they can give a voice to those in society who may not always be represented by mainstream books or stories. Whether it’s the big-hitters like the X-Men and Spider-Man or more indie examples like The Pride or Valiant’s Faith, we’ve all been brought up on a diet of superheroes who challenge the norms and create outsider who we can rally behind, and so we should celebrate the way comics can promote inclusion, and still tell exciting stories at the same time. A fantastic example of this has been brought to our attention by friend of the site Garrick Webster – the editor of the CrimeFictionLover website for whom, we have provided the odd story for. He sent us some details of a really fantastic new book called Metaphase, which features a superhero character with Downs Syndrome. It’s a subject that is close to his heart and so he conducted an interview with the book’s creator Chip Reece to discuss the issues featured in the comic. It’s a fantastic read and we wanted to share it with you to help bring more attention to this fantastic series, so please be sure to check it out and if you like what you read then be sure to pick up Metaphase on ComiXology.
You can read the full interview with Chip Reece discussing Metaphase and Downs-Syndrome superheroes here

This weekend’s True Believers Comic Festival saw three members of the Pipedream Comics team in attendance, each with their own unique take on the day. Following hot on the footsteps of James Blundell’s thoughts from yesterday, our other intrepid reporter Olly MacNamee fills us in on his day at the races as he gets the comic con season underway at True Believers Comic Festival 2017.

With the arrival of February, begins the comic convention season of 2017. Once again, starting us off is Stuart Mulrain and his team’s True Believers Comic Festival (TBCF), back for it’s third year. Can this event build on the fantastic success of its first two outings or is this the year the bubble bursts? Our intrepid reporter James Blundell heads to Cheltenham to find out!

Ahead of this weekend’s True Believers Comic Festival in Cheltenham, we take a look some of the fantastic books being released at the event, featuring: Greg Meldrum & David Broughton’s Detective Gallo and The Unholy Company, Mad Robot Comics’ Cadavers, Kev Brett’s The Making Of A Comic Con, Joseph Olivera’s Ghost Island, and Hellbound Media’s Mandy The Monster Hunter: The Face IN The Curtain.