Having earned a just deserved second place in our recent rundown of the best small press and indie comics of the year 2018, we caught up with Wolf creator Rachael Ball to find out more about the personal influences on it contains and the inspirations for her emotional and complex tale of grief and childhood in the 1970s.

With so many great comics crowd funding on Kickstarter at the moment, we decided to bring back our regular look at some of the best and this week we shine a light on an old favourite, with a new volume – Ken Reynold’s excellent experimental anthology Sliced Quarterly volume 3. Collecting together issues #9-12 of this fantastic and innovative title, Ken describes it as “a playground for  creators to experiment with the comic book narrative” and that they do, creating some of the most original and eye catching comics we have seen anywhere. With this set to be the final volume of the series, be sure to get your support in for this one of a kind collection.

You can back the Sliced Quarterly Volume 3 Kickstarter here.

After reading recent anthology I Feel Machine, which was co-compiled by Krent Able, you’d think we would know what to expect from this collection of work from the cult artist. But nothing could adequately prepare us for the dark and twisted, anarchically hilarious strips in this new collection from Knockabout Comics.

To celebrate being awarded our first ever Community Champion award, we caught up with Lorenzo Etherington, one half of the all conquering Etherington Brothers, to discuss their hugely successful Kickstarter for How To Think When You Draw and their plans for 2019.

Fabian Grolleau and Jérémie Royer’s follow up to Audubon: On The Wings of the World, continues the same beautiful and thought provoking look at the history of a prominent 18th century scientist, but this time it’s the slightly more well known Charles Darwin whose life and learning comes under the microscope in Darwin: An Unexpected Journey.

It’s only a few weeks now until the start of the UK comic convention circuit and our annual trip to Cheltenham for the True Belivers’ Comic Festival 2019. Consistently one of our favourite events of the year, we take a look at some of things on offer at this year’s event, including some of the amazing small press comics that will be launching on the day itself!