Knuckleheads_01-1Any book that features a lead character called ‘Hot Drunk English Chick‘ and uses the futility of Cloverfield as a reference point when confronted with a giant monster attack is going to be a hit in our books. So after last weeks sneak preview into the world of MonkeyBrain‘s brilliant new slacker superhero adventure Knuckleheads we wanted to get to know it’s stars Trevor and Lance a bit better as they seemed like our kind of guys. And who better to  give us the lowdown on these two and the superpowers of the Crystal Fist than creators Brian Winkeler and Robert Wilson.

Michael MoreciThe guys at MonkeyBrain Comics are churning out so many new comics at the moment it’s like they’re trying to create their own version of Marvel Now or DC’s 52 – but with a much higher hit rate! The latest to come out of the House of Misfits is Skybreaker from Hoax Hunter‘s writer Michael Moreci and newcomer Drew Zucker. This tale of the half Sioux half/Christian antihero who is out for revenge in a post-civil war/wild west, is another great example of MonkeyBrain‘s eye for talent and exciting stories so we got in touch with Michael to find out more.

Mumbai Confidential Book 1Mumbai Confidential is a brilliantly taut and edgy crime noir thriller from the guys at Archaia Comics and the first story arc – Good Cop Bad Cop – is now collected into one volume and available via ComiXology, from this week.

It reads like a sub-continental version of Sin City and has all the best elements of classic crime noir, with twists, turns, violence and corruption, all played out in the grimy, monsoon ridden streets of Mumbai and the glamour of Bollywood instead of downtown LA and the Hollywood Hills.


The Madefire team’s plan for world domination has taken another step closer to fruition today with the announcement of an exclusive partnership with digital art community DeviantART. Having taken over the world of the iPad, and more recently the iPhone and iPod touch too, with titles such as Captain Stone is Missing (Pipedream Comics Digital Comic of the Year), Mono and Treatment the team of Liam Sharp and Ben Wolstenholme have blazed a trail that have left many competitors in the dust. With this deal their innovative brand of ‘motion comics’ will be available to the 28 million members of DeviantART community around the world to enjoy on any desktop PC, and is set to expand their readership to new heights.

brian_hugeOriginally released at ECCC and then via ComiXology the brilliant Atomic Robo: Two Fisted Tales was the first foray into the world of full blown digital comics from the Atomic Robo team of Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. When we reviewed it we described it as “the almost perfect digital comics experience” so it would be churlish of us not to want to find out more! So we contacted writer and co-creator Brian Clevinger between deadlines to find out the secrets of Atomic Robo and just how he came up with this two fisted digital delight.

Gregg Taylor Mask of the Red PandaThis weeks sees the arrival of the second issue of the fantastic Mask of the Red Panda from the folks at MonkeyBrain Comics. With it’s brilliant mix of 1930s adventure serial mixed with a brilliant supernatural/ magical under current we raved about the first issue and so couldn’t wait for this latest installment of the adventures of August Fenwick and his sidekick Kit Baxter (aka the Flying Squirrel!). To get the inside scoop on the world of the Panda we contacted  writer Gregg Taylor to find out just what the secret is to writing the perfect pulp adventure series.

Madefire ComicsWe always love the arrival of new Madefire titles, and this month we have had not one but two new installments of Dave Gibbon’s brilliant Treatment series. If you’ve not checked it out before, Treatment is a global televisual phenomenon whereupon the guilty are judged live on TV for the pleasure of an increasingly blood-thirsty audience. With franchises in different cities it makes for a brilliantly imaginative franchise and one of the most consistent in the Madefire catalogue.

JUDGE_DREDD_YEARONE_01_CovSUBIt’s been a fantastic week for all things Dredd. Not only have we seen a whole collection of classic titles released for Kindle and Nook, but last week IDW Publishing launched the brilliant Judge Dredd: Year One, (read our review of it here). We wanted to find out more about how this awesome prequel came about and so who better to ask about it than long time Tharg lackey and Year One script droid Matt Smith, who shared some of Dredd’s most revealing early secrets before being carted off to an Iso Cube.