OUTRE_issue1_1Free Comic Book Day was a fantastic way to help bring people into the world of comics and get them into comic book stores. But for those operating in the digital space it was also a great opportunity to pick up new readers at a time when comics have never been cooler. One of the small publishers looking to make to the most of FCBD are Norwegian publishers Outré Press. The first issue of their anthology of themed comic stories was released this Saturday via their website as a PDF, CBR or CBZ file. Featuring a fantastic mix of diverse and enthralling art and stories this first issue, based around the theme of ‘responsibility’, features work from writers and artists from all over the world – as well as featuring an interview with Saga artist Fiona Staples.  To find out more about the launch of this exciting new project we contacted editor Glenn Møane to get the bottom of just what Outré Press was all about – including that enigmatic name!

Masks_and_Mobsters_07-1It’s not often you get genuinely new ideas in the world of comics, but this month has seen two startingly original books hit the shelves. First there was Jamie McKelvie’s brilliant Young Avengers #4 which included an awesome isometically designed spread that blended the worlds of design and comic art to create something truly unique. While in Masks and Mobsters #7 from MonkeyBrain Comics, Josh Williamson and Mike Henderson build their story around an original structure that is so blissfully simple, yet ingeniously clever, that as soon as you reach the pay off at the end you just want to turn back to page 1 and read it all over again to make sure you have fully appreciated what you have just been a part of.

MT4.002_promo_coversThis week sees the launch of the second episode of the new series of the brilliant Mice Templar from Image Comics and Bryan J.L Glass, Michael Avon Oeming and Victor Santos. Since we last saw Karic of Cricket’s Glen things have gone well, with him finally accepting his destiny as the chosen one and even finding time for a little romance with Aquila. But things are about to take a turn to the dark as Glass, Oeming and Santos begin the build towards their climactic finale. Who will prosper, who will fall and, knowing their fondness for mice mortality, who will even survive?! So we got in touch with Bryan and Michael to find out. 

Theremin_01.inddPacked full of time-travelling Russians and turn of the century techno wizardry this week sees the launch of the brilliant  Theremin from MonkeyBrain Comics. From the spaced out imagination of writer Curt Pires and Phabula artist Dalton Rose, this gem of a book is available exclusively via ComiXology and centres around the time travelling titular hero as he sets out to use his scientific discoveries for the better of Mother Russia throughout time and space. Looking to discover the secrets of time, space not to mention get some tips on the best in experimental music we turned to Curt and Dalton and asked them to share their time with us.   

Blind Ferret First Law Blade Itself 1 front coverTransferring an epic fantasy novel into a different medium is no easy task. Just ask Peter Jackson or David Beniloff! Not only do you have to condense 1000s of pages of prose into a more compact form, but you also have to permanently visualize characters that only exist in the heads of a fervent fan base – with the inevitable critical consequences. Fortunately when it came to his epic fantasy series The Blade Itself, writer Joe Abercrombie and publishers  Blind Ferret has chose to call in the experts, in this case legendary writer Chuck Dixon to help convert the adventures of infamous barbarian Loren Ninefinger  to the world of digital comics. 

Thrillbent logoInsufferable is the awesome digital comic from superstar writerMark Waid and artist Peter Krause. As well as being available exclusively via ComiXology, it’s also available every Wednesday from Thrillbent.com. Or you can read the very latest episode here thanks to Waid’s open source attitude towards the book being published online. Be sure to check out the other great titles on Thrillbent.com as well.

Joe Abercrombie (Author Joe Abercrombie has sold more than 2 million copies of his The First Law trilogy in 26 languages, and is now set to conquer the world of digital comics with his first book, The Blade Itself being turned into an ongoing series by the team at Blind Ferret. With the expert help of legendary comic writer Chuck Dixon and with art by Andie Tong the adventures of Logen Ninefinger and co are being released via ComiXology in monthly instalments as well as in thrice weekly updates on Abercrombie’s website firstlawcomic.com. Wanting to get find out more about, we contacted Joe and editor Rich Young to find out the secrets of The First Blade, and fortunately we didn’t need to rely on the interrogation skills of Inquistor Glokta to find out the truth!

Aces WeeklyAces Weekly showcases some of the brightest talent from across the globe in an exclusively digital weekly comic art magazine published by David Lloyd –the guy who gave you V For Vendetta. Aces Weekly. Volume Four of this brilliant digital comic art weekly began its latest seven-issue, seven-week run last week – and and it features a new series from one of the legendary creators of US comic art – Herb Trimpe – known globally for his work on Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk! His exclusive creator owned title, Firehawks, is a great, classical-style adventure that bursts with life and colour, and is a labour of love about flying airplanes from an artist who loves drawing and flying them!