melksham-comic-conAlthough our main focus here on Pipedream Comics is the wonderful world of digital comics on the iPad, we are also huge fans of comics in all their forms. So when a comic-related cause comes up that we feel is worthy of our support then we get behind it 100%, digital or otherwise! One such cause is the Melksham Comic Covention, now in it’s second year, and  situated just up the road from Pipedream HQ in the sleepy Wiltshire town of Melksham. This local convention is the brain child of KomiX shop owner Hayley Spencer, but what on earth made her decide to set up a comic convention in the south west of the UK? And what will conventioneers have to look forward to on Saturday August 31st if they make the journey into the wilds of Wiltshire? 

Not content with just creating some of the most exciting digital comics around and giving them away in free bite-size instalments every week, Mark Waid’s Thrillbent Digital Comics have today announced the launch of a new online store!  But it’s no ordinary store, as you can now purchase collected editions of your favourite Thrillbent comics DRM-free, direct from the source.

Captain Midnight 1As you’ll know from this weekend’s Sunday Digest, Dark Horse Comics’ Captain Midnight is a smartly written Golden Age throwback superhero adventure from writer Josh Williamson. But what makes him different other ‘man out of time’ stories and a certain flag wielding Avenger? To get the lowdown we contacted Josh to find out the secrets behind Dark Horse‘s doer of daring deeds.  

This week’s must-read digital comics in the Sunday Digest include Captain Midnight, a golden age superhero throwback from Dark Horse Comics,  bleak dystopian sci-fi in The Bunker, a horrific new edition of Tim Gibsons’ brilliant Moth City, and a behind the scenes look at Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s pay-what-you-want series The Private Eye