Today sees the launch of the latest project from digital publisher Russell Willis (Panel Nine) – a digital graphic novel platform known as Sequential. Available to download from the iTunes Store  Sequential offers readers a one-stop storefront to download works from writers like Alan Moore, David Lloyd, Eddie Campbell Brian Bolland, Hunt Emerson and more. Familliar Panel Nine titles like Dapper John, Kickback and The Certified Hunt Emerson are now available in one place, instead of as standalone apps, which makes for a great way to enjoy all these fantastic titles on your iPad.

Speaking to Paul Gravett at the app’s advanced preview,  Publisher Russell Willis had this to say “I have always been fascinated by graphic novels and sequential art… It seems that I am now in the right place and this is the right time to do something to help promote accessible, intelligent, entertaining and life-enhancing graphic novels and sequential art… “

Sequential uses the same deluxe graphic novel approach that we have seen with previous Panel Nine products, and looks to be another hit and a great way for comics fans to enjoy titles from legendary authors on their iPads.

Download it for free from here and check it out

Hot on the trail of the Hijacker, Leto and Saule set off in pursuit of a suspect who’s been seen at all their crime scenes and as his escape plan takes them deeper into The Irons they uncover more of the mysteries hidden within Madefire‘s dystopian sci-fi world. But will it help them find their killer?

Subatomic_Party_Girls_01-1What happens if you take a kick ass power-pop girl band and shoot them into space, only for it to go horribly wrong and for them to end up on the wrong side of the galaxy? Add in some space pirates and you have the brilliant new MonkeyBrain series Subatomic Party Girls. It’s a brilliant mix of everything from the Powerpuff Girls to Scott Pilgrim via the Fantastic Four, so to find out more we contacted the creative team of writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sim and the woman who bring the girls’ band Beryllium Steel to life, Erica Henderson, to find out the secret to the Subatomics space world and also to book the ultimate pop-culture super festival!.

Tim-Gibson-Profile_B-01Writer/artist Tim Gibson made his name working for Peter Jackson’s Weta in his native New Zealand, which may sound like a dream job for many, but what he really wanted to do was make comics. Thanks to the new ‘can do’ attitude of the digital comics revolution, and with a grant from the New Zealand government, he has made that dream become a reality as his awesome series Moth City has been released via ComiXology and also on Mark Waid’s Thrillbent site to critical acclaim (Read our review of season 1 here). To find out more about this Kiwi comics sensation we got in touch and asked him to reveal some of the secrets behind the mysterious Moth City!

silver1_coverStephan Franck wanted to make the move from animation to digital comics, but rather wait for the big companies to come knocking he decided to start his own – Dark Planet Comics – and release his own titles the way he intended them to be. Releasing their first issue, the magnificently monochrome Silver back in March, Stephan and Dark Planet are looking to take on the big boys at their own game with this 1930s infused horror/pulp adventure – with a familliar bad guy lurking at the centre. To find out more about the world of Dark Planet Comics we got in touch with Stephan hoping to find out some secrets from the world of Silver.

A modern fairy tale about a reclusive maths genius who controls New York via a series of complex equations may not seem the most engaging story for a comic book, but Strange Attractors manages to pull it off with this heart warming read that will keep you enthralled to the very last page.

Kinski_01_coverFrom pulp superheroes and gangsters to psychic estate agents and pigeons, MonkeyBrain Comic‘s roster is nothing if not eclectic. The latest title to join this family of misfits is Kinski from Star Wars Legacy artist Gabriel Hardman. This brilliant lo-fi story of a man and a missing dog is in the same subtle real-world veign as the brilliant The Stars Below and Thoughts From A Winter Morning, and will be available exclusively via ComiXology this Wednesday. To find out more about this monochrome mutt we got in touch with writer/artist Gabriel Hardman to find out more about the secret to writing a great canine adventure and the best way to name a pet.