This weekend’s must-read digital comics in the Sunday Digest include David Kendall and Mike Carey’s ultra-creepy Houses of the Holy from Madefire, Matthew Petz’s delightfully quirky War of the Woods (featuring an otter with a turtle on it’s head) and Jon Lock and Nich Angell’s The Heavenly Chord which was unveiled at this weekend’s Melksham Comic Con.

The most exciting digital comics announcement from this year’s San Diego Comic Con was the partnership between motion book publishers Madefire and IDW Publishing to bring IDW’s heavy hitters Star Trek, Transformer and My Little Pony to the world of motion comics. But now they have finally arrived, how do these new titles compare to the home grown Madefire motion books and will they stand on their own in this brave new world of digital comics?

Motion comics publishers Narr8 announces today the introduction of the Narr8 app in the Windows Store for Windows 8 devices. Already a firm favourite on the iPad with great digital comic titles like Subject 9 and Prime Blood, this will continue to expand their fan base by releasing its motion comics, interactive novels and nonfiction series to Windows users.

The Engine #5 cover (Madefire)What do you get if you cross a giant Soviet robot from the 1930s with a bunch of dissidents in a Siberian salt mine and add in a liberal dose of motion book magic? Quite simply, you get The Engine! Launched alongside such big name motion books as Captain Stone and Treatment in the first wave of Madefire titles last year, The Engine has become one of the forgotten titles among the motion book publishers back cataloguewhich is ironic for a book about a gigantic metal mangling machine! Hoping to rescue this robotic Russian relic from the rust heap, we contacted writer Guy Adams and artist Jimmy Broxton to learn more and find out just what a motion book should smell like!

Prepare to become the ultimate Marvel Fan with Marvel Unlimited Plus! A new initiative that takes the massively popular Marvel Unlimited to the next level, this exciting new membership tier is your all-access pass to the Marvel Universe and more! As well as gaining access to thousands of classic and newer Marvel digital comics, Marvel Unlimited Plus members cement their place as true members of the Marvel Universe, gaining unprecedented entry to their favorite characters, creators, merchandise, and more!

One of the most-buzzed about announcements the week of the San Diego Comic-Con was IDW and Madefire’s partnership to bring the Motion Book treatment to their top properties. That day has come as IDW brings a trio of their most-popular titles—My Little Pony, Star Trek, and Transformers—to Madefire’s groundbreaking experience from today. 

Already publishers some of the finest digital graphic novels on the iPad,  today Sequential, the literary graphic novel app company, have announced a partnership with venerable UK publisher Jonathan Cape to make digital versions of their graphic novels available on the iPad for the first time.

melksham-comic-conAlthough our main focus here on Pipedream Comics is the wonderful world of digital comics on the iPad, we are also huge fans of comics in all their forms. So when a comic-related cause comes up that we feel is worthy of our support then we get behind it 100%, digital or otherwise! One such cause is the Melksham Comic Covention, now in it’s second year, and  situated just up the road from Pipedream HQ in the sleepy Wiltshire town of Melksham. This local convention is the brain child of KomiX shop owner Hayley Spencer, but what on earth made her decide to set up a comic convention in the south west of the UK? And what will conventioneers have to look forward to on Saturday August 31st if they make the journey into the wilds of Wiltshire? 

Not content with just creating some of the most exciting digital comics around and giving them away in free bite-size instalments every week, Mark Waid’s Thrillbent Digital Comics have today announced the launch of a new online store!  But it’s no ordinary store, as you can now purchase collected editions of your favourite Thrillbent comics DRM-free, direct from the source.