Opinion: Three Indie Comics that are Worth Checking Out

Opinion LogoThe types of comic books available today are seemingly endless. Most of us know the series from big name publishers like DC and Marvel, and even smaller names like IDW and Valiant have become very well-known over the years. Still, there also exists a niche of indie comic book creators and publishers that have become more visible in recent years due in part to the internet. 

Some indie names are one man shows, while others are very close knit teams that bring their ideas to fruition. The one thing all indie creators have in common is their passion for comics, and this is what has drawn so many fans to them. What used to be an extremely expensive endeavor of publishing an independent comic book series is now more manageable via online distribution and marketing. As a result, some great material has become available that’s refreshingly different than what fans are used to seeing from traditional comic publishers.

For comic book lovers, discovering a great indie series is like winning big on Royal Vegas casino – sign up and claim your welcome bonus and see just how exciting it is. If you enjoy comics but you haven’t delved into the world of indie series, you’re seriously missing out. Here are a few independent comic books that are definitely worth a look.

elvis-adventuresThe Elvis Adventures

The name of this comic book series gives a huge clue as to what it’s about. At its core, The Elvis Adventures pays homage to Elvis Presley fans, as the dialogue contains no end of references to The King. However, the story line of the series is fun, off the wall, and completely unexpected — this is the series to check out if you’re into nonsensical stories. To give you an idea of how nonsensical, there’s rock and roll, Kung Fu, and aliens involved. Somehow it all works and the artwork in The Elvis Adventures helps each story come alive.

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If you’re looking for comics that feature new types of heroes, you’ll definitely be interested in Stealth. First off, the artwork in this series is awesome, and it’s a great mixture of grit and cartoony style. The gist of the story behind the series is that in a city filled with troubles, a young man decides to fight crime using the powers he gained after becoming the victim of an accident. Yes, that may sound familiar, but you have to read Stealth to see where it differs from mainstream offerings. The hero of the series, Stealth, is interesting and multifaceted, and the action in each book is excellent. There’s nothing too bloody, gory, or off the wall, and each story is very well crafted.

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Royal Vegas casino has a number of games that have a magical theme, and that’s also the case with Oathbound. This comic series takes an epic turn by combining magic and sorcery with a story set in the Old West. An alternate history takes place, and to say that the story line gets very interesting would be an understatement. This one series is a prime example of how indie publishers have the freedom to get very creative and come up with truly innovative ideas for their plots.