Opinion: Clash of the super heroes on comiXology

Marvel ComicsThese days it seems that whilst there are still bad guys and super villains roaming the streets, the heroes just can’t seem to focus on anything but their own squabbles. This has become the centrepiece in movies like Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War, but what about some of the heroes that were left out of the limelight in these films? We look at some great examples of superhero strife on comiXology that could make the next batch of superhero movies even better.

Whilst we may never see these fights on the live action big screen, it is fun to imagine, even if the golden rule of super hero fights is that nobody loses! Be sure to check out some of the Marvel universe heroes slot machines on the Ladbrokes website today!

Here is a look at some heroes clashing on comiXology that probably won’t be on the silver screen any time soon.

Spider-man vs. DeadpoolSpider-Man is the most profitable super hero of all time (out selling even Batman and Superman.), and so it only makes sense that he would get his own film sometime soon (2017 in fact, called ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’). What if though, the teenage wise cracker was up against something a little more grown up? Namely, the star of the highest grossing rated ‘R’ rated movie of all time, Deadpool? Deadpool seems like he would be the obvious choice, what with his increased healing factor as well as enhanced reaction time and agility, not to mention his weapon expertise and his uncanny ability to break through the fourth wall. But what if all of that was put up against Spider-Man’s spider sense? Being able to sense and dodge incoming dangers before they happen is one of Spider-Man’s core powers, with his insane strength, agility, wall crawling abilities and intellect. Spider-Man would surely be able to give Deadpool a run for his money in a fight, but above all else, these two characters would definitely be entertaining to watch unfold. If you want to read an encounter between the two, check out the new ongoing ‘Spider-Man/Deadpool’ by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness. (Download it from ComiXology here)

Another two fan favourite characters everyone would like to see throw down in a live action movie are Wolverine and The Hulk. Wolverine, with his incredible healing factor and adamantium laced skeleton and claws would surely be a match for The Hulk, whose only real power is ‘the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!’ Wolverine would definitely get some good blows in, but we all know that its just a matter of time before The Hulk gets a good grip on Logan and tears him apart! (Check out Ultimate Wolverine versus Hulk‘ on comiXology by Damon Lindelof and Leinil Francis Yu to see that happen!)

What about the other hero left out of Captain America: Civil War‘s roster, Thor? A literal god, Thor has incredible strength and healing, as well as the ability to control lightening. put that together with the fact that he wields the incredibly powerful Mjolnir, and Thor seems to be unstoppable. Batman seems to be the only hero (in a different universe) who may put up an interesting fight. With the super advanced technology, superior mind, intense physical fitness and fighting styles that the Batman incorporates, its hard to imagine a fight where Batman doesn’t figure out a way to strip Thor of most of his powers, levelling the playing field for a powerless hero like himself to dominate!

Finally, what if the two leaders from each universe super team squared off? Superman versus Captain America, each one with their own special skills. Superman, an alien from Krypton with inhuman strength, speed, the power of flight as well as laser eyes and a freezing breath against Captain America, the super solider veteran of World War Two with advanced combat skills and an unbreakable shield. It’s hard to imagine any scenario where Superman doesn’t win (unless Captain America has a healthy access to a red sun or kryptonite), but it doesn’t matter. In the past when these heroes have met, they have understood that they are not enemies-and teamed up to fight a greater foe!