Olly’s World of Indie: A Life On Stage and Off – Jessica Martin’s Unbound!

Unbound.com are a new online publisher following a similar model to that of Kickstarter but with a focus on publishing only and no 30 day limit either. Well, as with Ram V’s proposed spiritual sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed Black Mumba crime-noir thriller, comic book creator, Jessica Martin, has also looked toward Unbound to follow up on her last graphic novel, Elsie Harris: Picture Palace.

Jessica’s book shines a spotlight on heroines of the silver screen, focussing this time on Martin herself and her somewhat astounding life on stage, screen, and behind the curtain too. An autobiography in a graphic novel, and why not! After all, comics are becoming her second home, and it was through comics that I first met Jessica. To find out how integral she was to a lot of my life (from voicing Spitting Image goons to here much-loved appearance on Dr Who) was a revelation, and as a result I look forward to this being a successful crowdfund in it’s own right.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll be backing, should you wish to take a look at the whole campaign here. Or, take a glance at the accompanying video here.

“In telling this story, I hope to capture some of the sultry spirit of Soho, and the heat and intensity of standing on a stage, singing your heart out, all from the perspective of someone who has never quite… fit in.

It is the story of someone who comes from an unconventional background, where nothing was quite as it seemed, and who would escape into the world of musicals and performance.

It is the story of a woman seeking to bring together the strands of living a creative life and having a home and hearth.”

The pledge rewards range from a digital copy (eBook) of the GN, for a tenner, or at the other end, for £500 you could get a signed and dedicated hardback first edition, eBook, ticket to launch party, your name and likeness used as a character in the book.

Take a look for yourself, as I’ve only given you a taster of the book, the pledges and the rewards!